Mas Sajady EI Podcast #72: A Medihealing® On Embracing Reality: As Within, So Without

In this episode we explore the reality of your spiritual journey, and what it actually takes to ascend to higher levels. 

I explain the surprising truth of the laws of the spirit world, and how the emotions we lean on so often in our physical lives serve no purpose in higher dimensions. Discipline, strength and focus, which are the keys to success in so many areas of our lives, are also critical to our growth as spiritual beings.

I share with you a revealing story from my childhood about a coach who pushed me beyond my limits, and how the lessons I learned from that experience deeply impacted my own journey. I challenge you to get outside of your comfort zone when meditating and in all areas of your life, as that will build the muscles required to resist the challenges you face at higher levels of spiritual practice. 

I emphasize the tough truth that it's not the time you invest but the results you achieve that are an accurate measure of your growth. 

We end with a Medihealing, meditation and healing combined, that focuses on pulling away anything clouding your perception so you can get a clear view of your spiritual journey. Once you can see the truth of where you are, you can make the right decisions to take your development to the next level. 

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"Once you understand the laws of the jungle you start to understand the laws of the spirit realm."

Show Notes:

  • How Mas' coach taught him a valuable lesson

  • Why higher spiritual levels can eat you up

  • Why you should train yourself in challenging environments

  • The importance of getting honest feedback even when it hurts

"It's not the time you invested it’s how you invested that time, how you transformed through that time, and most importantly the results you have gotten."

  • Being honest with yourself on your spiritual progression

  • Why the time you invest in something is less important than results

  • How your pain body can sometimes take over your life

  • Exponential Intelligence’s definition of your spiritual path

"Be truthful with where are you on that spiritual scale so we can see things point blank, the raw truth."

This Week's Mas Work:

"Being honest on where you are on the spiritual scale. Start to pay attention to how you feel, what you say and do." and please share your story with us on Facebook.

This Week's Medihealing:

This Medihealing supports becoming more honest with where you are on your spiritual journey. I guide you into a clear vision of where you are at so you can determine the best way to move forward and ascend to higher realms. 

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