Mas Sajady EI Podcast #73.1: Extended Halloween Version - Angels And Demons

**UPDATE** This special extended edition of Episode 73 includes bonus material not in the initial release. Enjoy!  

In this episode I explore the light and dark sides of spirituality, and guide you on how to navigate them to ascend higher in your own practice.  

I outline the nature of both the light and darkness that we encounter on our journey to higher consciousness. The light, where Pure Source resides, is self-sustaining and nourishes our body, mind and spirit when we tap into it. The darkness can be far more harmful, controlling us and feeding on our energy in a way that can keep us weak or even end our lives.

I give you a deep window into the darkness so you can identify it and be empowered against it. I share several personal stories of my own experiences with these forces, including the first exorcism I conducted. I give you the truth about the dark sides of major religions, as well as whether many of history's greatest villains were possessed by demonic forces. I emphasize how our true power resides in mastering both the light and the darkness, rather than falling deeply into either side.  

We end with a Medihealing®, meditation and healing combined, designed to protect you from any entity seeking to drain your energy. I will guide you into a better understanding and awareness of these forces, then put a protective space around you so that you remain powerfully within your own body and spirit no matter what. 

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"Becoming more aware of where you are in the present moment helps keep you safe and secure."

Show Notes:

  • What it means to be protected

  • How dark or light forces can take control of us

  • The hundreds of ways the dark side can control you

  • Why you might be attracted to dark powers because of your family lineage

  • Whether Hitler, Ted Bundy and other villains were possessed by demons

"Being in the pure space means you do not need to control or oppress anybody to sustain complete abundance."

  • Different types of vampires and witches

  • Why the key is mastering both the light and dark

  • The story of my first client exorcism

  • The story of an artist who got his inspiration from darkness

  • Why there isn’t actually a war between light and dark

"There really is no battle - there is just existence."

This Week's Medihealing:

The Medihealing will help keep you safe at higher level, and empower you to ward off dark powers and demons. Mas will put a protective space around you and enhance your awareness of harmful forces, so you are impenetrable to anything that may seek to take your energy. 

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