Mas Sajady EI Podcast #69: Famous Lovers and Behind The Glamour

In this episode we explore the roller coaster ride of celebrity relationships and what we can learn from the disconnect that exists between the polished public image they project and the reality of their problems. We then dive into a powerful extended-length Medihealing® designed to bring the inner and outer level of your relationships into total alignment so you can live and love authentically every day.

We go behind the curtain of several high-profile romances to understand how their glamour is often just smoke and mirrors. You will learn the truth about the relationships of Marilyn Monroe, Brangelina, and Ozzy Osbourne, and why the public is fascinated with the fantasy of these connections. Once we see the truth that lies beneath their polished public personas, we can remove similar distortions from our own relationships and elevate them to higher levels. 

I explain how the glamour of an authentic Exponential Intelligence® relationship is much more intoxicating and rewarding than anything we see in movies or on the news, and how to begin moving towards that relationship of your dreams.  

In the Medihealing, meditation and healing in one, I guide you deep within to see whether the inner and outer parts of lives and relationship are in congruence. If either side is out of alignment, I will support you in re-aligning you from the inside out so that the authentic beauty and truth of your connection to spirit and those you love shines for everyone to see. 

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"Ask yourself if you are congruent, and do you reflect what's private in public spaces with your relationships?"

Show Notes:

  • How Brangelina filed for divorce

  • Why people are so focused on celebrity love

  • Different perspectives on a handful of celebrity relationships

  • The truth of Marilyn Monroe's relationship with Joe Dimaggio

  • Why Brad Pitta and Angelina Jolie weren't a good match

  • Why we love watching the roller coaster of celebrity relationships

"Truth has no judgement, truth is not good and not bad."

  • What listeners have to gain from these celebrity love affairs

  • About the Osbourne's rocky relationship

  • How Exponential Intelligence defines true romance

  • How we romanticize about other people’s relationships

  • The value of being congruent inside and out

"Wealth and fame bring a magnification to the weaknesses that celebrities have."

This Week's Medihealing:

The Medihealing goes into your personal relationships and shatters any incongruences with your identity both in private and in public. In that clarified space you will be able to create genuine connections both within yourself and with all those in your life. 

"Your heart beckons for that deep relationship."

Mentioned in Podcast:

"Look into your eyes and see what they say." 

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