Mas Sajady EI Podcast #46: Getting High With Mas

In this episode I explore the different elements of getting high.

We discuss why people experiment with substances such as marijuana and ayahuasca, and what getting high is about on a physical and spiritual level.

We delve into the energetic nature of drugs and addiction, and also I share my own experience of "getting high."

We also explain how Exponential Intelligence® can help you feel an euphoric expansion. We show you how by leading you through a customized Medihealing®, which is a meditation and healing in one, which guides you into a lighter safe state.

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"For those that are strong enough, drugs can open your pathways and allow the ego to dissipate so you can connect on a higher level. This allows you to grow."

Show Notes:

  • Why people want to get high with me

  • How you can get high without drugs

  • What can happen when you use Ayahuasca

  • How the topic of drugs can be controversial

  • The fine line we walk when expanding to higher realms with drugs

  • The true nature of addiction and the darkness it can attract

  • How addiction can gain control over you and how to avoid or overcome it

  • How Medihealings can help those with addiction issues

  • How I can generate the frequencies of being high

  • Exponential Intelligence’s view on drugs and getting high

This Week's Medihealing:

This Medihealing is designed to safely expand your consciousness into higher realms. I immerse you in frequencies that will make you feel lighter and lighter, until you separate and float away from your body and ego. 

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