Mas Sajady EI Podcast #20: A Medihealing® on Harnessing Fear

Fear often holds us back, but it can also drive us to do amazing things. In this episode, I discuss the power of fear and show you how to harness it to propel forward in life. 

After a brief introduction, I guide you through a potent Medihealing that will empower you to use the fear from life’s struggles to create positive results. I help you unlock a new perspective on fear so that it liberates you to achieve success instead of limiting you as it may have in the past.  

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"There's power and motivation in fear. Many successful people have harnessed fear as a tool to catapult them into success."

Show Notes:

Why trying to avoid fear actually strengthens it How embracing fear can be a powerful motivator for successWe delve into the source of your fears to find their rootHow fears often result from time distortion and how to correct thisWhy some fears take longer to release than othersHow the most important thing to conquer fears is to notice what you notice

"I can access your blueprint level and memories, allowing you to tap into fears from your past and understand them from a different perspective."

This Week's Medihealing:

The Medihealing will guide you into a deep meditative state to help you uncover what you have feared in the past, unblocking those fears so you can radically change your life.

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"There are many instances where we relate fear to a physical experience, but it actually comes back to a disconnection from time."