Mas Sajady EI Podcast #99: Health Through Mindfulness

This is the second installment of our summer health series, and in it I guide you through how we can plant the seeds of our health so we can truly blossom throughout the rest of our lives. 

I begin this episode by outlining how the frequencies of our lives parallel the seasons we experience in the world. I explain how this time of year, spring, is a perfect time to plant the seeds for good health so that they bloom in the months to come just like the flowers we will see all around us

As we awaken spiritually, our physical health has no choice but to improve because the barrier between our spirit and body gets smaller and eventually we merge. As this process occurs we begin to gravitate towards our "default" spiritual age, which is when we were at our physical peak.

We end with a Medihealing where I connect you deeply to your default age so you can see the clear path to that best version of your physical and mental self. You will be empowered to mindfully eliminate the things that aren't benefitting your health and attract what's needed for you to become healthier than you ever have before.  


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"People's frequencies parallel the seasons."

Show Notes:

  • What "achieving health Through mindfulness" actually means
  • How to stay mindful no matter what
  • Why people who use Exponential Intelligence appear more youthful
  • How do you plant new seeds for your health
  • What happens to your frequencies as the seasons change
"Spring is a great time to plant seeds for our health." 
  • How do loved ones appear on the other side
  • What is your default spiritual age
  • What happens as you begin to awaken to Exponential Intelligence
  • How do eating habits change as you get closer to your default age
  • How can you clear out our foundation of distortion

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