Mas Sajady EI Podcast #79: A Holiday Gift to You

In this special holiday gift, I guide you through a Medihealing® that will support you in bringing joy into the holiday season, as well as delete the negativity that some of us feel this time of year.

No matter what faith you believe in, you’ll benefit from this Medihealing that will help you understand the true meaning of the holidays.

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"We as humans all have an innate understanding of our greater sense of self."

Show Notes:

  • Bringing in the joy and deleting the negativity around the holidays

  • How to use the holidays as a way to break away from what's holding you back.

  • The power of silent meditation

"The holidays are a great opportunity to ascend from your past."

  • The construct of religion and how the holidays are shaped by it

  • Why you can listen to this Medihealing all year, not just in holiday time

"Your experiences aren't there to distort you, they're here to release you."

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