Mas Sajady EI Podcast #124: Stephen Hawking Part 1 - Live Conversations with Dead People

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This podcast episode marks the debut of a powerful new series where I conduct live interviews with those who have crossed over to higher realms. These podcasts will focus on asking deep questions to the spirits of fascinating historical figures and getting their perspectives and lessons learned on life, spirituality and a variety of other subjects. Many of these questions are created by you, our audience members, so once a new interview is planned and announced, be sure to email your inquiries to

This week's episode is the first part of my chat with renowned physicist Steven Hawking. We delve into surprising truths about the nature of reality, the evolution of his beliefs over his lifetime, and what he experienced when he crossed over. 

We close this episode with a potent Medihealing, meditation and healing combined, where I bring in Stephen Hawking's energy and spiritual essence so you can take the value from the lessons he learned during his life and death and employ them to ascend in your own spiritual and physical progression. 


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"All realities merge into oneness as we ascend to higher understanding."

Show Notes:

  • How do Mas' abilities differ from psychics and mediums
  • How will higher levels of consciousness benefit business people
  • Why didn't Stephen Hawking believe in God or the afterlife
  • What was Stephen's motivation for proving God did not exist
  • Did Stephen Hawking have a life review after he crossed over
  • Why would Mr. Hawking have distaste for God
  • What does Mas consider "alien"
"Our main objective in this reality is to create enough density to realize the timeless beings that we are." 
  • What would have happened to Stephen's body had he loved longer
  • Why did Stephen start praying at a young age
  • How did Stephen Hawking gain his future vision
  • Did Stephen Hawking exchange physical abilities for mental acuity
  • Does Stephen Hawking understand the universe now
  • Is the universe the same as he expected
  • Does Stephen think his contributions brought humans closer to the truth
"Just because you have proof doesn't mean that it's the only way it works." 

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