Mas Sajady EI Podcast #81: Mas in Action

In this special episode I am sharing with you a recent Global Healing, a powerful free monthly forum I hold for thousands of listeners world-wide. In this call I answer audience questions, and use my abilities to give them insights and transformation on whatever areas of their lives they need support in. 

I begin this session with a brief Medihealing® to bring the audience together in a powerful mastermind to maximize the energy and results for all listeners. I explain the benefits of changing your core level vibrational programming, and how this call will support that. 

I then take questions from the audience, and dive into many deep issues ranging from darkness in family lineage that is literally draining a client's life, to a distant relationship between a mother and her son that gets to improve. 

This is the work I do every day, and I want to share it with you so you can have a better understanding of my mission to elevate the conscious of humanity and improve as many lives as I can. I hope you enjoy seeing me in action; to learn more and attend our next Global Healing, please click here.

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"Your connection to Pure Source creates momentum and strength for you."

Show Notes:

  • What sort of questions to ask during a Global Healing

  • How Medihealing supports the Global Healing process

  • The benefits of reprogramming yourself at the core vibrational level

  • What Mas does and how his abilities work to empower you

  • How the Healing MAStery program can help your spiritual expansion

  • How dark entities from your family lineage can damage your life

"As my abilities get stronger, yours do too."

  • Mas works with a caller on her issues around money and her son's distortions

  • Mas connects with a reiki master in Boston and removes dark entities that disrupt her sleep

  • Mas empowers a woman in Nashville whose elevated spiritual development is challenging her.

  • Mas supports a woman in Russia in releasing a variety of entities that she is holding in her spine.

"Once you awaken you can reprogram yourself at source code level."

This Week's Mas Work:

Participate in our 21 Day Medihealing and please share your story with us on Facebook.

This Week's Medihealing:

This brief Medihealing opens you up vibrationally to get the greatest benefits from the Global Healing frequencies. 

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