Mas Sajady EI Podcast #84: Mas Mechanics Part 1.5

In this special episode I continue to explore how my abilities work by answering questions submitted by you, our devoted listeners. By achieving a greater understanding of what connecting to Pure Source is all about, you will accelerate your own journey towards higher consciousness and enlightenment. **NOTE - the introduction from Episode 83, the first episode on Mas Mechanics, was included in this episode as well to ensure that all listeners have the proper context to understand the questions. After the introduction ends at around five minutes in, the new questions will begin.

Have you ever wondered what I see when I tap into your vibrational blueprint and edit it? Get ready for a deep exploration of the nature of time and space, and how I perceive and interact with Pure Source to support you in transforming your life. I also describe the overwhelming beauty I experience when connecting with the perfection of your spirits. 

By the end of this episode you will have a far greater knowledge of my work, and how your spirit and vibration creates your life. I hope you enjoy this window into what I do, and that it helps you understand why I have dedicated my life to serving others. I wish you the best on your spiritual journey, and wish that this podcast inspires you to delve even deeper on your own path to expand your consciousness. 


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"Every single one of you has such brilliance within you; it entrances me."

Show Notes:

  • How Mas see people's timelines

  • How Mas can shift your future or delete distortions from your past

  • Whether Mas physically manipulates frequencies

  • How much detail Mas sees when he taps into others

  • What determines what Mas can see first

  • Whether Mas sees the same information for each person

"Once you change your core frequency, everything starts to blossom."

  • How issues are prioritized when Mas works on people

  • How do questions affect what Mas sees

  • Why you might not feel Mas working on you

  • How does Mas determine where to drill down for more detail

  • What happens when Mas duplicates himself

  • Why don't some of us receive an answer to our questions

"Sometimes the answers you seek aren't yours to know"

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