Mas Sajady EI Podcast #24: A Medihealing® on Being Happy

In this episode we explore happiness. I talk about how to achieve happiness in this lifetime and beyond, what true happiness is, and then take you through a Medihealing to connect you with the joy within. 

I discuss the ways most people try to be happy, and why they fall short. I address how EI defines happiness, and show you how to use it to choose a different reality for yourself. 

In the Medihealing I guide you into a deep meditation that will help you understand how to be happy in the moment and feel totally complete.

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"One of the fastest ways we can accumulate abundance is to be whole right where we are."

Show Notes:

  • Why most of us think that we have to get possessions to be happy

  • How to become happy from the inside-out

  • What this Medihealing will do to help you change your life

"You can be happy in this physical form, it actually creates happiness in the spiritual realm."

  • How to get into a state of peace and non-judgement

  • What is the difference between fake and real happiness

  • How to choose a different reality for yourself

  • Why you don’t need anything and how you are already complete

"Happiness wells from the inside out."

This Week's Medihealing:

In this Medihealing, I guide you into a deep state of presence so you can see the perfection of the now. When you realize that you are are totally complete in a single moment, you can string these moments together and feel whole and happy all the time.

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"If you can just notice a single moment and be aware of it, you realize you are complete in that moment."