Mas Sajady EI Podcast #13: A Medihealing® on Financial Abundance

Many people come to me in search of support with finances. In this episode, I work to bring financial abundance into your life.

After an introduction to the concept of Exponential Intelligence® and finance, I guide you through a powerful Medihealing.  Medihealing is meditation and healing combined to change your life at core frequency level. This specific Medihealing is designed to create sustainable financial abundance.  

In this podcast, we identify limiting vibrations and patterns regarding wealth.  Once identified, we work to remove those patterns. Once removed, I instill in you the frequencies that create a strong foundation for abundance in all areas of life.

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"People think financial abundance comes from something that you do physically to create money, but successful people actually have key traits."

Show Notes:

  • What is Exponential Intelligence for finances

  • How the Medihealing may affect your finances

  • Why discipline is a key component of financial abundance

  • What are successful people's traits for amassing wealth

  • What are wealth and money patterns

  • How financial abundance carries into all areas of your life

"Those old wealth paradigms and patterns are not a part of you, so you can easily switch to an abundant platform."

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"Exponential Intelligence wealth is always expanding and never binding."