Mas Sajady EI Podcast #38: A Medihealing® on Perseverance

In this episode I talk about why it can be so hard for many to persevere and reach their goals and resolutions, and give you the tools to change those patterns for good.

I explain how Exponential Intelligence® infuses you with the strength to keep the momentum alive after setting goals by generating frequencies to help you make them a reality easier and faster than you have in the past. 

In the Medihealing, I guide you into a space where you will be naturally drawn towards your goals, harnessing the power of your spirit to focus on and materialize your resolutions. 

Notes on Goal Setting, the Future and the Value of Perseverance:

Mas warns against setting overly specific goals from an unawakened state, as they limit the vast number of options we have available in our fluid future once we connect to Source. As we begin to awaken, the quantity (and quality) of possible paths in our lives start to expand, and we start having the intuitive capacity to set broad goals guided by our higher selves that are in alignment with our spirit. So goals are not bad, they just have to be made from the right space and from the right intention. But just because we set goals and intentions of what we want and where we want to go, we can't let that pull us out of the present moment because that is where our spirit and connection to the Universe lies... this is why he suggests we forget them, which I presume means don't overly focus or obsess on them because it will make us less present and distort us.

As we connect to Source at deeper levels during the process of awakening, and we have those goals set at a higher level that doesn't limit, confine or distort ourselves physically, emotionally, or spiritually, the Universe brings to us whatever tools we need to reach the "finish line" of these resolutions as quickly and efficiently as possible. That's the "beeline" Mas is talking about - it's not that we do a forced wind-sprint of effort to reach our goals, but rather we are guided by Source and our higher consciousness towards achievement of our goals and fast and easily as possible - it's a direct route.

Perseverance is required because as we are pushed along by Source towards our goals, there will naturally be work involved and likely a good amount of detox and shifting because that journey in and of itself will elevate our vibration. Many times that can be challenging for us, which is why we must have the determination and strength to stay the course regardless of what we have to face in order to embrace what we deserve.

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"Exponential Intelligence’s definition of perseverance is a beeline towards your goals."

Show Notes:

  • What it takes to achieve our goals the right way

  • Why so many goals don’t materialize

  • Why goals are binding and limiting to most people

  • How Exponential Intelligence’s definition of perseverance is more of a freeing experience than a confining one

  • Why you should enjoy the process of materializing your goals

"When we set goals we tend to get clamped down and feel pushed."

  • How to complete New Year's resolutions that we made

  • How you can harness the power of your spirit to focus like a laser beam on accomplishing your goals

  • Why you will get naturally drawn towards things and people that will help you achieve your goals after listening to this Medihealing

"Many listeners will start to find that they get naturally drawn towards the people, places and things that help them get to their goals more effectively and efficiently.

This Week's Medihealing:

In the Medihealing, I introduce you to frequencies that will help you see goal setting from a different perspective, so that you are not burdened by by your goals but instead feel naturally drawn towards materializing them.

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"Go back to a time when you have set a goal and notice how it felt for you."