Mas Sajady EI Podcast #36: A Medihealing® on Having Your Star Performance

In this episode I talk about how to stop focusing on life's shortcomings, and instead celebrate your accomplishments and amazing performances every day. 

In this season of the Oscars and other awards shows we celebrate professional performances and accomplishments, but we often don’t appreciate the underlying trials and tribulations that stars go through to that point in their life. 

In the Medihealing I show you how to celebrate and award yourself for all that you have done, while holding your aspirations in the same space as your accomplishments so that you can reach your goals faster.

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"Give yourself that Emmy or Oscar everyday for some performance that you do on an ongoing basis."

Show Notes:

  • Why we focus too much on our shortcomings

  • How to become the star that you always visualize being

  • Why Exponential Intelligence can bring you into life's center stage

  • How award shows don't show the trials and tribulations that star performers go through to get where they are

"This Medihealing allows new facets in your identity and true self to start coming forward and shine."

  • Why we need to reward ourselves for the best performances that we do day-in and day-out

  • How to notice and celebrate your accomplishments

  • How to notice the qualities that you aspire towards

  • How to put your aspirations in the same place as your accomplishments so that you can reach them faster

"No matter where you are or who you are, there is always something that you’re good at."

This Week's Medihealing:

In the Medihealing I will help you to see the accomplishments that you do everyday, no matter how small or large. Then we'll place our aspirations in the same space in our body and spirit as our accomplishments, so that you can reach them faster.

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"Visualize yourself winning an award for your ability or accomplishment."