Mas Sajady EI Podcast #22: A Medihealing® on Starting Your Journey

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In this episode, I guide you through a Medihealing that will help start you on your journey into Exponential Intelligence®.

Many of you listening to the podcast have started new paths in life. Maybe you’ve never tried transformational work, or you’ve tried it all and it hasn’t worked. Regardless, this Medihealing will help you take stock of everything that has come before and prepare for the work ahead.

Get ready to separate yourself from your past experiences and usher in a new future.

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"Many of you listening are starting a new chapter in your life."

Show Notes:

  • How to take inventory of where you are in your life

  • Getting to the honest truth of how you got to your current situation

  • How your life system is like a GPS and how to use it

"We need to do it right this time around so we don’t get stuck in the same old patterns."

  • The equipment that you need to take this journey

  • Why our old patterns lead us back to the same paths we were on before

  • How you can start to see yourself as separate from your past experiences and use that to begin to grow

"We are going to take a brutal, honest inventory of where we are right now."

This Week's Medihealing:

The Medihealing will help prepare you for the journey to higher consciousness. We begin by taking an inventory of the patterns and past experiences that have made up your life, then learn how to see them as separate from ourselves in order to move into a new future reality. 

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"Once you realize that you are separate from those experiences, it is easier to move away from them."