Mas Sajady EI Podcast #28: A Medihealing® on Thriving Through Stress

This week I guide you through a Medihealing on how to thrive through stress instead of feeling it as a negative force in your life.

I’ll discuss why family dynamics and other underlying factors cause stress in your life, how most people view stress, and how some people use it to do their best work.

In the Medihealing you’ll learn to pinpoint the source of your stress, find out where you feel it in your body, and start to move away from these feelings to unblock your connection to your higher self. 

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"Most people define the cause of their stress as their work, spouse, or relationships."

Show Notes:

  • What is stress?

  • How people use stress as a tool to do their best work

  • Why your family dynamics effect how you feel stress, and impact what stresses you out

  • The underlying factors that make up stress

  • How Exponential Intelligence can pull you away from situations that have bound you or blocked you

  • Exploring the parts of our bodies that hold stress

  • How to find the things that stress you out the most

"Removing or redefining what we see as stress will help you use stress as a tool."

This Week's Medihealing:

During the Medihealing, I guide you into a meditative space and bring you to think about the source of the stress in your life. I also guide you to notice where you hold that stress in your body, and re-program you to be able to release that stress.

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"Many of you might feel stress from a different position outside of your physical form."