Mas Sajady EI Podcast #70: A Medihealing® on Learning Advantage

This episode is designed to support you in learning at a higher level. It will enhance your memory, test taking, and recall so you can live a fuller, more enriching life. 

I begin by discussing the Exponential Intelligence® perspective of studying and learning and how it differs from the way people normally "learn" information. The traditional perspective on learning is that it occurs from the outside in, and involves mostly memorization and regurgitating facts from our physical minds. EI allows us to understand and absorb what we learn at a deeper level, so it becomes a part of us we can efficiently use in our daily lives. 

The Medihealing, meditation and healing in one, focuses on improving the way you process and use information so you can perform better in all areas of your life. Whether you are skilled in integrating new knowledge or you dislike studying a lot, this Medihealing will serve you in releasing the baggage you have around learning so you can totally clear your mind. Once you are operating from this space you can learn quicker and more effectively, which will benefit your life in many ways.  

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"Start living the knowledge that you study, so you are that knowledge."

Show Notes:

  • Exponential Intelligence's definition of studying and knowledge

  • Why it's important to let go of past knowledge

  • How EI learning can help in any area of your life

  • The difference between learning information and being it

  • Understanding the deeper meaning of what we are studying

"Clarify your mind, let go of all the past knowledge, and be it."

  • How EI can help you accelerate the learning process

  • Why it’s OK to get bored when you study

  • The importance of relaxing when you study

  • Why you should notice your tendencies of how you learn

  • Releasing your old perceptions of how well you focus and study

  • Why letting go after you study is important to absorb knowledge

"Whether you get bored studying, it’s not your favorite thing to do, you get anxious taking tests or you excel at it, all of this is OK; note where you are, note your tendencies and keep going."

This Week's Medihealing:

The Medihealing will support you in gaining a deeper understanding and knowledge of what you are studying. It will help you clear your mind and body of the negative beliefs you carry with you around processing new information. Clearing your old patterns will empower you to accelerate your learning ability and recall knowledge at a higher level.

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