Mas Sajady EI Podcast #88: Money and Spirituality Part 2

This EI Podcast is the second chapter in our series on money and spirituality. In these programs Mas explores whether or not it is true that you can have financial abundance and elevated consciousness at the same time, and how these two powerful forces are related. 

Mas Sajady reviews various questions from our listeners on this subject, and thoroughly addresses the big question of whether you can be filthy rich and spiritually evolved. He exposes as fake many long-held beliefs about whether wealth increases or decreases the chance that you can connect to Pure Source , and gives the audience warnings about placing too much of their faith in either spirituality or money.  Going down either path is fraught with risks that may lead to detox or worse. 

Mas gives surprising insights into the truths and hoaxes inherent in Buddhism, Islam and materialism. He also addresses the power and effectiveness of his Strategic Business Coaching program and how effective it is in the new emerging business paradigm. The bottom line is that while an exchange of money will always be a part of our society, money is nothing more than a tool that we can use for global healing or widespread destruction depending upon own our attitudes and vibration. 

In this week's Mas Sajady Medihealing, which is meditation plus healing designed to accelerate your growth, Mas guides you into into higher realms so you can see the grandness that you always have been. With that realization, the true value of money and its relevance to your life will be apparent, and you will be able to tap into true wealth more effectively.  


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"It's not your income level that tells you how spiritually advanced you are."

EI Program Notes:

  • The truth of the connection between money and spirituality
  • Why are wealthy people are historically not spiritually evolved
  • Why the wealthy and impoverished are usually both spiritually destitute 
  • Whether you need to oppress others to gain riches
  • Is it possible to be filthy rich and spiritually pure
  • What we can learn from the story of Cyrus the Great
"When you have 360 degrees of abundance you don't need anything because you are everything." 
  • How to understand the new emerging business paradigm 
  • Why so many spiritual professionals feel guilty about money
  • Why our finances might remain stagnant as our spirit awakens
  • Should you trust spiritual leaders who have become wealthy
  • What is the spiritual truth about material desires
  • What will define wealth and abundance when our society becomes spiritually evolved
"If you're spiritually awakened, you will be taken care of in this world." 

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