Mas Sajady EI Podcast #76: Optimizing The Holidays

The holidays are here, and they are a polarizing time for many of us. This episode is designed to make sure you get the most of this special time of year, regardless of whether you're looking forward to it or dreading it. 

In this episode I explore many questions around this season and how to thrive through it. I give you easy to use tools and concepts  to ensure that you are connected to Pure Source so you can live with holiday joy all year round. 

It's important to understand that the holidays are neither good or bad - they simply magnify the feelings and frequencies that we have around these occasions and the friends and family we share them with. If you love and enjoy your family, it can be an ecstatic time; however if you have any family dysfunction, depression or other issues, it can be a struggle. 

I end the program with two Medihealings®, which are meditation and healing combined, to ensure that all listeners enjoy the holiday season.  The first Medihealing is designed to optimize the holidays for people who find the holidays to be a joyful time. The second will support those who get the holiday blues, and help them see this season in a positive new light. 

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"When you’re aware of who you really are, every day is a holiday."

Show Notes:

  • Why this podcast is for any get together or family reunion

  • How the holidays are a magnifier for how you are already feeling

  • The placebo effect during the holidays

  • The history of the holidays, holy days, and religion

  • How it works when something bad occurs around the holidays

  • What timestamps are and how they impact our reality

  • How holidays have become too based in consumerism

  • Why we reconnect to family and friends during the holidays

"What’s really important about prayers is the intent and frequencies that resonate beneath them."

  • How spiritual powers are more potent during the holidays

  • Creating healthy holiday traditions

  • What it feels like when you are disconnected from time

  • How to enjoy the holidays when you are exhausted by family dramas

  • What real joy is and how to achieve it

  • Listening to this podcast during the holidays or after them

  • Saying farewell to the holiday blues

"Be joyous and comfortable, and celebrate the holidays through Pure Source."

This Week's Mas Work:

When you return home for the holidays, notice the patterns that run in the people around you or within yourself. You’ll notice that those patterns aren’t yours and then you can easily control or remove them. And please share your story with us on Facebook.

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