Mas Sajady EI Podcast #39: Perseverance vs. Willpower

In this episode of Exponential Intelligence® I discuss the concepts of perseverance and willpower, and how both apply to achieving meaningful goals.

I explore how people pursuing goals and resolutions force themselves through difficult challenges that stand in their way, fighting the urge to quit as long as they can. Sadly, many fail to reach the finish line. However if we use Exponential Intelligence and connect to Pure Source in pursuit of our vision, we are given the strength and perseverance to be naturally drawn towards success and may even discover new fulfilling goals we didn't see before. 

After our discussion I give you Mas Work to evaluate how you felt while working to achieve goals in the past. This objective insight will help you understand if those goals originated at physical or spirit level. 

I close this episode with a Medihealing® in which I delete any patterns of dependence on weak physical anchors you may hold onto when you are pushed, and create a new foundation rooted deeply in Pure Source which will help you ascend steadily towards healthy goals. 

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"In Exponential Intelligence, willpower is simply connecting to Pure Source even stronger."

Show Notes:

  • Why people stop doing their New Year's resolutions early in the year.

  • How willpower and perseverance are related but different

  • The Exponential Intelligence definition of these two terms

  • How Pure Source works to help you achieve your goals

  • How Exponential Intelligence guides you towards the right goals

  • Why a lot of people have limited thinking when it comes to goals

"The set of opportunities that you think are available to you are dependent on the experiences that you’ve had."

  • Whether free will really exists in our lives

  • How we see the world through many filters, and how Exponential Intelligence can clean out our distorted perceptions

  • Why most people fail and give up right before they succeed

  • How belief systems can make you blind to possibilities in life

"As you enter a higher resonance, your spirit takes your hand and guides you as you enjoy the process of getting healthier.

This Week's Mas Work:

"Notice how something comes into your life. Did you struggle to get it and did you enjoy that struggle?" and please share your story with us on Facebook.

This Week's Medihealing:

In this Medihealing, you will learn to see the goals you've reached and how you got to them. Then we build an anchor based on Pure Source so that you can be naturally drawn to your goals.

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"What a lot of successful entrepreneurs do is understand where they are, have a vision of where they want to be, leave the in-between part blank and trust their intuition."