Mas Sajady EI Podcast #35: Strengthening From Heartbreak

In this episode we explore how to learn and grow when a relationship ends. 

Heartbreak can be hard, but there are many ways we can strengthen ourselves during this process. I talk about how underlying frequencies cause patterns in your life that create heartbreak and other relationship issues, and what you can do to break these cycles. 

Then I'll give you some Mas Work to go over the past relationships you’ve had and reveal the true meaning behind your heartbreaks. We end with a Medihealing® where I will help you break through the frequencies that cause heartbreak so you can move on to happier relationships.

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"Getting stuck in heartbreak is actually a pattern that might be running inside of you."

Show Notes:

  • Why there is always a lesson to be learned from negative experiences

  • Why heartbreak might be a pattern that is running inside of you

  • How frequencies have a lot to do with relationships and heartbreak

  • The different types of heartbreak

  • How rejection works and how it creates patterns

  • Why people sense the “I’m not good enough” frequency in you

  • What the Exponential Intelligence definition of heartbreak is

  • Why you can go from loving someone to hating them

  • Why marriages break up

"Most people don’t think about the long-term investment that they are making in a relationship."

  • How you start to see things differently when you decide to commit

  • How men and women feel heartbreak in different ways

  • What to do to gain strength from heartbreak instead of just survive it

  • How to break down the components of a relationship

  • How long it might take to learn from heartbreak

  • Why you can have multiple heartbreaks in the same relationship

  • Why many people settle in love and life, and how it distorts them

"The breakup is probably due to underlying frequencies that you’ve never thought about."

This Week's Mas Work:

"Journal about your heartbreak - write down the pain of what you went through, revisit that emotion" and please share your story with us on Facebook.

This Week's Medihealing:

In the Medihealing you'll see how to learn from heartbreak so you can move on, and I'll work on you to break through the frequencies that create these issues.

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"Learning from heartbreak is about strengthening from it and moving forward with a different perspective."