Mas Sajady EI Podcast #56: Summer Bodies

In this episode, we explore how to create beauty and health from the inside out and create your ideal summer body. If you feel overweight, call yourself names such as "fat" and are uncomfortable with your body in any way, this podcast will support turning self loathing into self love. If you feel like you are in great shape, call yourself "beautiful" and are comfortable with your body, this podcast will support your connection to Pure Source. 

I discuss common body issues that many people deal with, and how we can all learn to love our physical bodies. We talk about letting your spirit guide you to a practice of self-love and healthy living. I explain how self acceptance actually helps you look more attractive and get fit faster. 

I address how many of us have experienced trauma in our past which creates distorted body image and self esteem issues. When you heal those wounds and recognize your beauty at spirit level, it creates a radiance that brings courage and self-esteem. Often the moment that you accept the uniqueness of your own body is the moment when your perceived weaknesses become strengths.

We discuss how you can use the power of Exponential Intelligence® to bring in beauty from your higher self, which will benefit the way you feel and ultimately look. 

We share our personal experiences with diet and exercise , including debilitating food allergies as well as transitioning through unhealthy lifestyle choices. It's important to recognize that everyone goes through difficult times, and that there is always a way out of whatever situation you may be in. 

Also, we touch on relationships with others and how they effect our Summer Bodies. When you are in a space of expansive self-love, you are building a relationship with someone who appreciates your body and spirit in a meaningful way.

One thing I find interesting and address in the podcast is that many people seek out my assistance for physical injuries but keep coming back to awaken their spirit. 

We end with a customized Medihealing® to help support body acceptance and heal some of the preconceived notions you might have about yourself.  I immerse you in frequencies to help you embrace your spiritual beauty, so people can see that radiance in your physical body every day. 

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"Beauty is in your spirit body, no matter what you look like."

Show Notes:

  • Why people work out for the summer

  • How I exercise to stay healthy

  • What sort of food I eat and how it benefits me

  • The recent scientific study of my abilities

  • I reveal a food allergy that changed my life

  • The many body issues that listeners have

  • How taking care of your body has positive effects on your self image

  • Why physical appearance is not a priority for many spiritual people

"No matter where you are, it is a state of being."

  • Why taking care of how you look is good for your spirit

  • How my Frequency Spa products improve physical health

  • Why maintaining health is important to help you resonate with higher frequencies.

  • Why beauty is in your spirit body

  • Why acceptance turns your weak points into strengths

  • How looking at yourself allows you to embrace your body

"There is always someone out there who loves every curve and imperfection of your body."

This Week's Mas Work:

"Get naked in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Do it twice a day for a while, push through any negative feelings you may have, until you start to appreciate yourself." and please share your story with us on Facebook.

"When your spirit cleans up, it allows your body to clean up."

This Week's Medihealing:

In this Medihealing, I'll guide you into a space to better appreciate your physical body. I will also work on you at frequency level to resolve any past issues or abuses that have led to body image and health problems throughout your life. Once you are comfortable with how you look and can see yourself without judgment, you will be able to create a more abundant reality. 

"Judgement really binds us to where we are."

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