Mas Sajady EI Podcast #57: Surviving Family Reunions

Exponential Intelligence® sees the family as a force that is meant to bring abundance.  And this abundance comes when it is aligned with pure source. 

In this episode, we explore how to not only survive but to thrive in a family reunion.

Most people dread going to family reunions. Whatever the circumstances, we tend to fall into old patterns when we are around family, and that can be for good or for bad.

I share tools and advice on what you can do to transform yourself and your family to create strong bonds for total abundance.

We explore how Hollywood comedies portray family reunions and how we can draw lessons from these funny storylines.  I also explain the benefits of looking at your family as its own comedy, and how becoming your own "life movie director" so to speak can be beneficial. 

In this customized Medihealing®, a powerful meditation and healing in one, I will guide you to see your family from a different perspective, as if you are the director of a film about your family reunion. This will allow you to realize how seeing your family from a different perspective can help you break old patterns and form stronger bonds with your family.

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"Family has a really strong draw; If you aren’t disciplined to stand your ground and go forward, you are going to get sucked back in."

Show Notes:

  • Why surviving is the perfect word for experiencing a family reunion

  • About my live event in North Carolina in Jully 2016

  • How this Medihealing will help you look at your family from a different perspective

  • Why discipline is important during family reunions

  • What to do with potential family guilt from pulling away

  • Why you fall back into family roles when we visit families

  • About my family reunions

  • Exponential Intelligence’s view on family reunions

"Family reunions should enhance our place and stage in life, and help us go into that next stage in life."

  • Some of my clients' experiences with families

  • How you hold family pain in different parts of your body

  • How I can work on your other family members as well as you

  • Why family reunions are about creating abundance

  • How people marry someone who is in their spiritual family tree

  • What it means when your family is possessed

  • How to survive a family reunion if your family is cursed

"You start to change the roots of the trunk of the family tree, and everyone else changes."

This Week's Mas Work:

"Pretend you are creating a movie for the next family reunion that you will attend. Start to see it from a director’s perspective, and pretend that you are going to create a comedy." and please share your story with us on Facebook.

This Week's Medihealing:

This Medihealing will reveal to you the secrets of enjoying yout family reunion. How do you feel when you think about a family reunion? I help remove your old notions of a family reunion so that you can make space for new insights that you will gain once you see your family from a different perspective.

"Everything that you do in this life is about creating abundance and connection."

Mentioned in Podcast:

  • Meet the Fockers (movie) - "Alright now look Focker, I'm a patient man...that’s what 19 months in a VC prison camp will do to you. But I will be watching you." - Jack Byrnes, played by Robert Deniro

  • The Hangover (movie) - “Phil do not go in the bathroom. There is a TIGER IN THE BATHROOM.” - Alan Garner, played by Zach Galifianakis

  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding (movie) - "You are here!" - Gus Portokalos, played by Michael Constantine

  • National Lampoon's Vacation (movie) - “And I’ll tell you something, this is no longer a vacation, its a quest” - Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase

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