Mas Sajady EI Podcast #122: Ascendance - The Arrival Part 1

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This week's special podcast is the first of an in-depth two-part interview between me and one of my most advanced students on his remarkable journey to self-realization. It gives you a powerful firsthand account of the spiritual ascension process, and by the end of this episode you will have new tools and information that will empower you to adjust your expectations, mindset and vibration to accelerate your own path to higher consciousness. 

So many of the questions I get from the thousands of clients I work with around the world revolve around what they can expect as they embrace the spiritual path. They want to know how to make sense of the way their lives shift as their frequencies change and they begin to transform. It can be a very disorienting and destabilizing purification process, which is why I felt it was so important to share with you the vulnerable, personal story of one of my most brilliant students, Ron.

Ron has gone through deep detox and dramatic changes in his life to achieve profound heights of enlightenment. He will share with you the lessons he learned along the way about the power of surrender, commitment and what it takes to truly step into your higher self and your highest potential as a spiritual being. 

You will leave this episode with a whole new understanding of awakening, including what to expect along the way and and how to set yourself up for the easiest and most direct path to a deeper connection to Pure Source. 


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"The root of true confidence is your higher self and Pure Source."

Show Notes:

  • What is Ron's process for spiritual growth
  • How working with Mas has changed Ron's results
  • How Ron's students have accelerated their detox process
  • What Ron is doing to change the programming of his students
  • How EI learning is different from normal learning
  • How EI has helped Ron in his teachings
"Once you get to a certain level you realize there's nothing you need outside yourself." 
  • Ron's background in helping people
  • Ron's journey to finding Exponential Intelligence
  • Why ascending makes you look like the "bad guy" to others
  • The importance of finding answers for yourself
  • What can gurus truly show you
  • How Ron survived his time of hell
  • How Ron found his true confidence

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