Mas Sajady EI Podcast #135: Get Personal with Mas - Part 1

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In this episode, I answer very personal questions and clear some of the gossip where you’ve never had the opportunity to ask me in person. We’ve received many of these kinds of questions over the years, so I decided to address them personally and over two podcast episodes.

For instance, manifesting certain things in one’s life has made a good portion of clients who have come to me for help. Yet when I have suggested some of you to focus on something specific to manifest, I clarify why I haven’t done that explicitly for myself to become the healer, oracle, transformational catalyst, etc. that I am. Being of Pure Source requires a consistency and truth to its expression. And I cover the nuances of what it means when I provide suggestions to some but not all to affirm I still practice what I preach.

I also address the hypocrisy of charging for services and why my abilities are considered God-given whereas others feel their talents and abilities are not. How did we come to define what is “God-given” and what isn’t especially when everything comes from the same source? Whether in business, our personal lives or other categories of distinction I address who you are at your truest essence so you can realize how you can have the similar God-given talents with wealth even beyond as an Archetype Superhuman.

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"It is written in our DNA to gravitate towards our higher self. You don’t need to intervene."

Show Notes:

  • How did Mas come to his life’s realization

  • Where does life’s manifestations come from

  • How does an individual manifest their true life’s purpose

  • What is Mas’ definition of an awakening

  • Is there a difference between mindfulness and being present

  • What was Mas like before his near-death experiences

  • How does one know if they’re of Pure Source

  • Is Mas of Pure Source

  • What does it mean to be of Pure Source

"Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad were not without wealth so you don’t have to suffer to enlighten either."

  • Why is Mas so accurate when he reads people

  • Does Mas think he is the chosen one

  • What does Mas want in his personal and business life

  • Why does Mas charge for his services

  • Can the awakened have nice things

  • What are the dark sources and how do they help

  • Where is Mas going with his special abilities

  • Can we all do what Mas does

  • What has Mas learned after working on so many people

"The ‘chosen one’ is that you’ve chosen yourself."

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