Mas Sajady EI Podcast #128: Steve Jobs Part 2 - Live Conversations With Dead People


This episode concludes my deep and surprisingly moving interview with deceased visionary inventor and entrepreneur Steve Jobs. Steve's spirit had been coming to me for weeks asking if I could help him share his thoughts with the world, so I was happy to make our conversation the second in our Live Conversations with Dead People series, where I profile and connect with the spirits of world-renowned leaders and give them a platform to be heard. 

Steve shares many fascinating insights about the nature of beauty and technology in this conversation. He gives us the connect between human potential and product development, and how it was his intuitive understanding of humanity that allowed him to design technology that people connected with on such a deep level. He addresses the toxicity of the old business paradigm, and gives us a window into the future of what devices will look like and the role they will play in our evolution as a species. 

We end this episode with a powerful Medihealing, meditation and healing combined to accelerate your growth and results. In this Medihealing we bring in the profound efficient love Steve Jobs embraced in his life, so you can understand the root of his brilliance and apply that purity so you can excel in whatever pursuits you are dedicating your mind and heart to. 


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"Steve Jobs brought a higher love consciousness to his creations."

Show Notes:

  • Why is Mas conversing with dead people

  • How does Steve Jobs feel about the state of humanity

  • How did Steve Jobs contribute to humanity's higher state

  • What frustrates Steve Jobs about humanity

  • What does Steve Jobs think of Apple today

  • What technological advancements will happen in the coming years

  • How will technology and spirituality join forces in the near future

"Beauty is about simplicity and efficiency."

  • What is the new business paradigm

  • Why didn't Steve Jobs contribute to charities

  • Why was Steve Jobs unkind to people

  • How do some charities drag people down

  • Why will our human capacity double in the next several years

  • What happens when individuals regain their power

"The only thing that can stop you is you."

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