Mas Sajady EI Podcast #141: The Best You with Bernardo Moya


As we venture into Significant Success and the entrepreneurial spirit, it was my honor to interview Chief Inspirational Officer and Founder of The Best You, Bernardo Moya. Bernardo shares with us insights, not only of his willingness yet humility to take on leadership roles in his personal life but also the professional development of his The Best You Expo that will be taking place in February 15-16, 2019 at the Olympia in London.

Rather than seeing life challenges as burdens, I was impressed to see Bernardo had a keen sense for security and to provide others with that deep connection paramount to one’s base needs for food and sustenance. It is that spiritual infrastructure we share in both our business models that serve as a foundation to help usher in total life enhancement or 360 degrees of abundance beyond material control or satiation.

In this episode, Bernardo reveals his Expo is intended to be the Amazon of self-help where people can connect under one roof to inspire or be inspired and network with a variety of speakers and thought leaders. I will also be presenting twice at The Best You Expo:

“Fear of Success”
Category: Mindfulness and Wellbeing
12:00 noon Friday 15th

“The Wealth Intelligence”
Category: Best for Business Category
1:00 pm Saturday 16th

There is a stellar lineup of speakers joining me as well like Mindvalley’s Marisa Peer, Jim Kwik of Kwik Learning, Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey and much more.

For more information on my events and tickets to The Best you Expo in London this coming February, click over to my webpage here or go to

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“We all ultimately have that responsibility of becoming the best version of ourselves.” —Bernardo Moya

Show Notes:

  • What is Bernardo Moya's background

  • What set Bernardo on his path

  • Why was Bernardo successful in the nightclub industry

  • How does losing everything set one on their path

  • What led to the creation of the Best You Expo

  • How did Bernardo come up with the name Best You

  • What were some of the early names of the Best You Expo

“Beyond food, money and shelter, being a provider means providing that spiritual infrastructure of security.” —Mas Sajady

  • What can one find at the Best You Expo

  • What was Bernardo's journey in creating the Best You Expo

  • How does the Expo differ in the US vs the UK

  • What is the Best You Legacy Club

  • Who can join the Legacy Club

  • Why should one attend the Best You Expo

  • When and where is the next Best You Expo

  • Where can one find more information on Best You Expo

“Becoming the best versions of ourselves will make our surroundings better; your self and your surroundings are interlinked.” —Bernardo Moya

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