Mas Sajady EI Podcast #21: Frequencies, Detox and Burden of Proof

This episode explores three important elements of Exponential Intelligence®. We begin by defining what frequencies are and how they create every part of our lives. We then address the detox that many people I work with experience as they shift, and talk about how we can prove the effectiveness of my abilities.

I go deeply into the science and philosophy of frequency, and how you can change your vibration to have it all. You’ll also hear amazing testimonials and stories of transformation from a few of the thousands of people that I’ve helped.

At the end of the episode I guide you through a Medihealing® that will help you understand at a deeper level the frequencies that create everything in your life. 

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"Exponential Intelligence is essentially the fabric of how your life is created."

Show Notes:

  • What are frequencies exactly

  • How we can see frequencies

  • What higher frequencies I am able to perceive

  • The ideal frequency we are all striving for and what it can do for you

  • The key components of anyone that I have helped changed

  • Why I can change your spiritual frequencies faster by accessing your admin level

"The frequencies we are working with go beyond time and distance."

  • How to tell when your frequencies have changed

  • What my frequency spa is all about

  • Why you might experience a detox when working with me

  • The proof that Exponential Intelligence actually works

  • Some of the great results people have after working with me

  • Join my Medihealing to see the frequencies all around you

"The memories that we have suppressed in the past come to the forefront when you are detoxing."

This Week's Medihealing:

In this Medihealing, you'll discover the underlying frequencies that make up your life, and unpack the causes of the events that have happened in your life so far. You begin to be able to notice the high-level frequencies that create your world. 

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"You’ll start to see the real causes for why things happen in your life."