Mas Sajady EI Podcast #92: Holy Hell Interview with Will Allen - Part 1

This special episode is the first installment of my interview with Will Allen, director of the compelling documentary Holy Hell. I initially watched Will's film and was profoundly moved by his story of indoctrination into a cult at the hands of a charismatic dark leader. I then personally reached out to him ; I felt it was important to share his journey with you, my audience, so you can get an up-close-and-personal understanding of how cults work and how you can avoid falling under their power. 

Will and I explore what his experience was like and how the cult leader managed to brainwash 150 people into obeying his every command. We also review the four key characteristics of a true cult, and how drastically different from that the work that I do and my own practices are. 

Listen to this episode for a window into what a real cult experience looks and feels like. By the end you will be able to identify and avoid cults in your own life, and take away valuable insights on how to look back on all of life's experiences with appreciation and gratitude. This is a powerful episode. 


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Show Notes:

  • What was Will's passion in creating the film?
  • What was Will searching for when he found the Buddhafield cult?
  • How did Will get so deeply into the cult? Did he notice anything wrong in the beginning?
  • How easy is it to get influenced by cults
  • How to identify if you're being abused
  • What special abilities do gurus claim to have
  • The dangers of groupthink
  • How effective is hypnotherapy
  • What are the four characteristics of a cult
  • Why you should question everything

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