Mas Sajady EI Podcast #112: EI and Islam Part 1

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This podcast episode is the first of two programs that delve into the truth of Islam and their central prophet Muhammad, as well as the connections and differences between Islam and other major religions including my own belief system, Exponential Intelligence. I tap into Pure Source and give you the undiluted reality at the core of this widely misunderstood faith that is followed by almost 2 billion people worldwide. 

I begin this episode by giving you a brief but thorough overview of the Islamic faith and their followers, known as Muslims. I use my connection to higher conscious to share with you the fundamental connection between all faiths, and contrast them as well. Then I  answer your questions about various tenets of Islam, including the absolute spiritual truth behind the Islamic view of women and women's rights, as well as the Muslim practices of frequent hand washing and praying 5 times a day. 

We end this podcast with a super-charged Medihealing, which is meditation and healing to accelerate your ascension into 360 degrees of abundance. I guide you into a deep meditative state, then infuse you energetically with Muhammad's pure intention for the Islamic faith so you can deepen your own spiritual practice and get out of any ruts or practices that aren't serving you on your journey to higher consciousness. 


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"We all have a longing to connect to that one true source."

Show Notes:

  • Who was Muhammad

  • How are most religions connected

  • What is Islam

  • How did Muhammad receive the word of God

  • What kind of prophet is Muhammad

  • Why did Muhammad have so many wives

"The spiritual path isn't about sending energy to God, it's about awakening to your own divine identity."

  • What is the true reason for having women cover themselves

  • Is a burqa dangerous in hot temperatures

  • Did Muhammad consider dogs dirty

  • What is the value of praying five times per day

  • How is praying connected to cleanliness

"It's time to break free from the distortions that bind you."

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