Mas Sajady EI Podcast #104: Demystifying Religion - Jihad

This week's episode, which is another entry in our Demystifying Religion series, exposes the truth about jihad, a word that has become taboo and misunderstood in popular culture since terrorism took center stage internationally. By the end of this episode you will have a clearer understanding of what a universal concept sacred conflict is, and how we can actually use the concept to aid us in our own spiritual growth.

Jihad is by definition a "holy war" that has become associated with the Islamic religion, but the reality is that the concept of killing in the name of God has been pursued by most major religions over the course of human history. I begin this episode by outlining our history of this practice, and explain why it is completely blasphemous to take another's life for a religious purpose. Neither Islam nor any major religion, if read properly, advocates the killing of anyone in the name of a higher power.  

And what if I told you that the most important holy war wasn't going on in world around you, but within you? I explore how the concept of jihad applies beautifully to our own quest for spiritual purification, and how we can cleanse ourselves of the distortions that keep us disconnected from spirit and Pure Source. You can leverage these insights to deepen and energize your own religious or spiritual practice, no matter what belief system you follow. 

We finish with a potent Medihealing, meditation and healing combined, that will open you up to the true meaning of Jihad and clarify the purpose and direction of your spiritual practice in your life. 


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"If you really understand what Jihad is, it's not about killing people."

Show Notes:

  • What is a jihad
  • Why do we think God wants us to fight
  • What is the purpose of a holy war
  • Why would God create humans to be killed
  • What is an internal Jihad
  • How do you fight an internal spiritual war
  • What is EI's perspective on jihad
"The true holy war is the eternal fight within to purify ourselves, so we can be rid of the distortions that destroy us." 
  • What is the largest misconception about jihad
  • Why religion is the number one cause of death
  • How do you merge your physical and spiritual forms
  • How does EI define a soul
  • Do those who have ascended spiritually wage wars
  • What to focus on as you're listening to religious sermons
  • How to understand the patters that you resonate
"If God created all humans, there is no way to justify killing others in His name." 

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