Mas Sajady EI Podcast #140: Ascendance - Power & Responsibility

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In our ongoing series of Ascendance to help you ascend, we are revisited by Amit who shares more with us his journey since his first appearance from Episode 89: Ascendance - Beyond Expectation. In contrast to his initial experiences of depth and expansion, Amit guides us through some of the destructive processes, as it were, of ascension to be molded into a purer state of being especially in his work life.

In this discerning and dynamic conversation, it is important to understand that life will not unravel as sustainably and smoothly for you if your flesh is not in alignment with your spirit. Delays and detours in Amit’s career occurred repeatedly while shifting into his alignment, and his own version of near death or dying experiences carved out the path to step into alignment of his own power.

Key to owning this power is also the responsibility one must shoulder to rise higher without relying on me or anything else. If you are happy with enhanced relationships, better finances or simply being happy, then I can certainly be of help. However the greater path to owning your power comes from the self-realization that you achieve your self and merge into that grand oneness that is of your spirit.

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“How can you achieve self-realization if I told you everything about your self?”

Show Notes:

  • How did Amit realize he had the power to let go

  • What led Amit to understand Mas' teachings

  • Why does Amit say he wanted to die

  • What are the mechanics of ascension

  • What happens when one ascends too quickly

  • Do you need to know all the answers in order to let go

  • Why did Mas appear in Amit's visions

“It’s a violation of free will for Pure Source to intervene in your ascension. All the tools to ascend have already been handed to you.”

  • How did Mas help Amit on his path

  • How does Mas' guidance help one to help themselves

  • How did Amit change after working with Mas

  • What led Amit to let go of the last bit of his old self

  • How does one build a solid foundation without any distortion

  • What is the EI difference between separation and segregation

  • How can working with Mas positively affect one in business dealings

“While I can guide you and help clean out your past garbage, the garbage you create in the future becomes your responsibility to remove.”

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