Mas Sajady EI Podcast #10: EI and Love

In this episode I explore how Exponential Intelligence® can help you find real love and improve your relationships.

We discuss the dynamics of healthy relationships, why men and women unconsciously attract toxic partners and how to break these patterns, the importance of heart re-calibration, and more. 

We end the discussion with a potent ten minute Medihealing® where I guide you through removing distortions at the core of your love life, and bring you into a higher frequency so you can either attract the partner of your dreams or mend your current relationship.   

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"The couples that you see in their 80s walking hand in hand - those are Exponential Relationships."

Show Notes:

  • What is beyond abundance

  • How to have a relationship that is beyond abundance

  • The different ways men and women approach relationships

  • How dating apps like Tinder effect love relationships

  • Why couples choose divorce

  • Why following our hearts doesn’t really work

"You must create a wholeness in your own physical form before you go out and connect with someone else."

  • How to break your emotional patterns and re-calibrate your heart

  • How to feel whole and complete

  • How to change your love frequencies

  • Is a "perfect relationship" attainable

  • 10 minute Medihealing to remove emotional distortions and infuse frequencies to attract a healthy relationship

"Emotions are tools that your senses use to create your core frequencies and Exponential Intelligence changes that core level within you so the tools are used for a higher purpose."

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"I can check what your highest frequencies are and calibrate your heart."