Mas Sajady EI Podcast #3: The Power of EI - How EI Transforms Lives

This episode explains how Exponential Intelligence® can start changing your life in a matter of hours, days, and weeks.

I talk about the frequencies that I can tap into in order to heal you, and how my healing is like having "admin privileges" to your operating system.

We close with a ten minute Medihealing® to help you begin to notice the default programs that run within you, and free you from them so you can create an authentic life of abundance. 

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"What I do is completely delete those apps for you, so you’ve got more room and more resources."

Show Notes:

  • How does Exponential Intelligence change our lives?

  • Why 90% of what happens to you is running on your default setting

  • What people have experienced in sessions with Mas

  • What is your spiritual DNA

  • How is Mas different from other spiritual healers and guides

  • How Mas can help when working with other transformational coaches

  • The benefits of Mas's Medihealing program

  • Why workshops and meditation are becoming more and more popular

"Those results you get from me actually stay with you, that is the key."

  • How the late Wayne Dyer has influenced Mas, and vice versa

  • The importance of reprogramming people who are living, as well as people who have passed on

  • What different frequencies wealthy people are running on

  • Why all humans are abundant, but we have forgotten that abundance

  • Join my ten minute guided Medihealing designed to remove your default applications and regain control of your vibration.

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"We pull meditation back into you so that you are almost in meditation 24/7."