Mas Sajady EI Podcast #133: The Journey to Truth - Part 1: The Big Picture

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The truth can be elusive especially if everyone thinks their truth is the single truth. Whether one attains it via the paths of a mystic to a scientist, those truths should apply to every layer of every dimension and being. What confused even Albert Einstein, in his later years, was his theories in the physical realm couldn’t be applied to the smaller quantum scale.

EI’s definition of that singular truth is all-encompassing. For example, if you’ve been living a truth that you believe the world should agree on, first see if you’re in abundance free from material or immaterial lack, pain, control or suffering. If so, then you might be living from that ultimate source of purity or what I call Pure Source.

Where Pure Source is everything and needs nothing, we wouldn’t need doctors or lawyers to “fix” anything, conflicts to control other groups to protect one’s own group, working paycheck to paycheck to survive through another bill pay and so on. These kinds of everyday little knick knacks wouldn’t so much as scratch an itch of an issue if we aligned with the big picture of our awakening.

In Part 1 of this Q&A episode, I answer the stages you may experience to help align you back to the truth and go beyond the limits of your highest good in your programming. No matter the so-called positive or negative experiences, the perfect clientele will always take personal responsibility and could see this journey as an opportunity to step truly into their highest potential. Would you do it?



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"Sin does not mean you're a bad person. It just means you're off the mark."

Show Notes:

  • What is truth
  • How do you know your one single truth
  • How deep is absolute truth
  • What is EI's definition of truth
  • Is there one truth that applies to all beings
  • Why is living in alignment with truth important
  • What does our highest good mean
"The truth should work in every single situation and layer--from physics to quantum physics to sub-quantum physics." 
  • Is truth in alignment with humanity's highest good
  • Do desires matter on our quest for highest truth
  • Will working with Mas bring you back into alignment with truth
  • Why is spiritual detox harder for some than for others
  • Is there just one path to awakening
  • Is the path Mas leads you on toward the truth different from others
  • Are there characteristics that are best fit to receive Mas' work
"If we lived from truth, there would be no need for control systems but innate governance by laws of nature." 

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