Mas Sajady EI Podcast #134: The Journey to Truth - Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

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In continuation of this two-part Q&A series on The Journey to Truth, this concluding episode digs deeper into our expectations of our “highest good” or highest truth. Though having goals is a natural condition of being human, our programmed expectations of what they should be may not match with our highest truth. We need to ask what are the intentions behind our goals and if they are in alignment with Pure Source.

There are nuances to detecting the differences in intentions, and this is where becoming awakened is paramount to anything else that you do. Being awakened puts you in a natural state of balance and space where you have nothing to chase or be chased by. I help you remove the filters that prevent you from noticing those tugs that tip you off center, but empower you to awaken to an elevated space and make conscious decisions to stay in your own natural state.

For some, the journey to their natural state of truth are instant while others occur over time. Still nobody has it worse off or better than you to get there. When aligning with the truth, there is always a level of detox to shed off unnecessary filters. Everyone goes through it and in unique ways. Even the great ones like Jesus and Buddha went through it especially as they ascended higher and higher, with greater depths as well. Join me in ascending to this level of truth.

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"When you hit the truth, things have to fall apart to come into its own natural balance."

Show Notes:

  • Does working with Mas bring us toward the highest good

  • How can we ensure that our work will take us toward the highest good

  • How long does it take to reach the highest good

  • What is required in our life to converge with the truth

  • What brings us toward euphoria and completeness

  • What is the one greatest obstacle to living the truth

  • How can we tell if we are living in a place of real truth

  • How much of the truth are we living

"The wealth or abundance gained from living the truth perpetuates you even higher, and it doesn't cost you a thing."

  • How do you know if you are on the right path to truth

  • What can you do to change the path you’re on

  • Do you detox the higher you ascend

  • Do people detox at different rates

  • How can one decipher between detox and life just happening

  • Why does the difference between mind and spirit exist

  • Are there alternative paths that lead to truth

"Notice every physical action that you do--no matter what you're going through--and you will find euphoria."

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