Mas Sajady Podcast EI #144: The #MeToo Movement & How to Grow from It


In the episode, I take a deeper look at the #MeToo movement and illuminate how abusive parenting gave rise to it. This is a continuation and the fourth of a five-part session to our Abuse Recovery Series, and these are provided free to help prepare you for a greater metamorphosis in the Abuse Recovery Intensive.

Abuse is a very fundamental base component to the issues you see in society today, and the #MeToo movement is a larger reflection of that. However we can also look at it as an opportunity for awareness that goes far beyond the voice and solidarity of women to stand up against their oppressors. If you’ve noticed, anytime there has been a protest in pushback to anything—be it drugs, cancer, sexual harassment, etc. the disease or disorder actually worsened.

So I take you to the origins—why we are created to be male and female along with their respective roles. Dissecting these roles, I even reveal a time when females abused their power, eventually eradicating men from society, that  contributed to the demise of their civilization.

Today we hear an almost cacophony of separation in love and sex, love and marriage, love and hip-hop—and the list goes on that religion and their wars distorted from the original definition of unity.

I redefine reparenting and provide examples on how the Significant Man and Significant Woman can coexist in their natural settings to raise a more just and verdant society.

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“If we don’t have strong women, we don’t have a strong society.”

Show Notes:

  • What does parenting have to do with the #MeToo movement

  • What does abuse have anything to do with the #MeToo movement and parenting

  • How do the roles of men and women have anything to do with abuse

  • What is the origin of desire

  • Why were men and women created

  • Do you have to have both a strong male and a strong female to create strong children

  • What kinds of abuse happens under the radar

“EI’s version of reparenting means letting go of the distortions from our parents.”

  • Are mothers naturally better parents

  • How can being too loving abuse your children

  • Is the #MeToo movement any different from another form of blame

  • What is the underlying cause of children who resent parenthood

  • How is it that a man’s and a woman’s base animalistic instincts be spiritual women

  • How can you examine your own patterns to understand why abuse happens to you

  • Where does disrespect come from

“Children know purity. They will always go towards the truth.”

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