Mas Sajady EI Podcast #137: The Power of Intention with Lynne McTaggart

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In this episode, I speak with acclaimed journalist and international bestselling author, Lynne McTaggart, known for writing The Field, The Intention Experiment and, most recently, The Power of Eight. Based on the fact thoughts are indeed things, it was only the perfect pairing between Lynne and I to examine what happens when multiple people get together with a common intention in meditation, prayer or form of thought projection.

Since we’ve both conducted a number of group sessions, we compare notes on our findings but I also ask Lynne, why eight? Is that the ideal number for groups to make intentions?

With interests in studying the unseen via scientific means, we discuss the results of Lynne’s experiments and reveal they are nothing short of miraculous—individual recovery from injury to peace in war-torn regions around the world. To the bold individuals who were daring enough to challenge conventional thought and participate in these experiments, you have inspired me with clearer aspirations towards how life could be lived as communities sharing greater common goals than the cutthroat competition we still see today.

Join me in this podcast, as I share my understanding how “the meek shall inherit the earth” and how Lynne’s experiments indeed affirm there is power in our intentions.

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“A power of 8 group is a fast track to turn our feelings of separation in worry, doubt and negativity into a state of ecstatic oneness, not in years, but within minutes.” —Lynne McTaggart

Show Notes:

  • What books has Lynne McTaggart written

  • Why did Lynne McTaggart delve into the unseen

  • What is Lynne's background

  • What is the Power of Intention

  • How long has What Doctors Don't Tell You been in stores

  • How effective is the power of intention

  • What is group intention

  • How did Lynne conduct intention experiments

  • What were the effects of Lynn's long-term group intention experiments

“The powerful piece of our experiments is altruism. Intending for someone else creates this amazing mirror effect. If they were intending peace for others, their own lives became more peaceful.” —Lynne McTaggart

  • What is the Power of Eight

  • How are group participants influenced during intention experiments

  • What do skeptics say about the effects of intention

  • How long does it take to get transported into a state of ecstatic oneness

  • Where is Life University

  • What is the mission of Life University

  • How important is community engagement to one's health

  • What is the meaning of The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

  • When is Lynn's next intention experiment

"'The meek shall inherit the earth' is happening now where we can come into our own grandness, reach out and intend with anybody in the world and reinherit our abundance." —Mas Sajady

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