Mas Sajady EI Podcast #80: The True Meaning of Jesus

In this episode, I answer questions and provide surprising truths about Jesus Christ, who has been a powerful force in my life and the lives of countless people around the world. 

I use my abilities to tap into Pure Source and even Jesus himself, and share a lot of intimate details about Jesus with you in this deluxe extended-length podcast. I discuss what Jesus really taught through his life and work, and dispel some myths about Jesus that are in the Bible.

I address his abilities, where they came from and how he used them  to benefit humanity both when he was alive and even today. I explore what the church taught after he died and why they changed his core teachings, and what you really need in order to transcend.

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"Jesus’ frequencies still hold a path open for humanity today."

Show Notes:

  • How to awaken to God or Pure Source

  • Why we aren’t all the same, except in our awakened spirits

  • The myths and misinformation you’ve heard about Jesus

  • What powers Mas was given after my two near-death experiences

  • Why Mas doesn’t think Jesus died on the cross

"Jesus came to teach us that all we have to do is be."

  • Why some of Jesus’ messages were deleted from the Bible

  • What Jesus' mission was

  • Why you can’t teach someone to totally transcend

  • Why it disgusts Mas to see Jesus nailed to the cross

  • What will happen as humanity continues to awaken

"Jesus was all about freedom and coming into your own brilliance and light."

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