Mas Sajady EI Podcast #66: Third Eye And Pineal Gland Talk and Medihealing®

This episode explores the limitless potential of the third eye and the pineal gland. They are so important, and I received such a powerful download of information about this subject during my recent Redwoods Retreat, that I felt it was pivotal to immediately speak directly to you about this topic. 

I address common misconceptions and explain how the third eye and pineal gland can greatly benefit your life and give you a more beautiful connection between your spirit, soul, body and Pure Source. 

The third eye and pineal gland are power points on our body that we use consciously or unconsciously to shape our reality. The third eye is located in the middle space on your forehead just above your physical eyes. The pineal gland is a small gland between the hemispheres of your brain.

Most people assume that both the third eye and pineal gland is how we connect with our spirit, but the truth is that they have a lot more to do with how we communicate with each other in this physical dimension. I talk about how the way you treat and interact with others is actually a function of your third eye and pineal gland. 

In this podcast I go deep into the relationship between your spirit, soul, and physical body and how the third eye and pineal gland play an important role in connecting them together. I clear up common misconceptions about these elements. I then explain how you can consciously harness your third eye and pineal gland to actively impact the world around you instead of just reacting to it. 

I also talk about Jesus and how he recognized these power points but was actually above them. I explain how Jesus vibrated so high that he is actually one complete eye.  

This talk flows into a powerful Medihealing, which is meditation and healing in one, designed to help you understand your third eye and pineal gland at a higher level. This will prepare you to unlock the full power of the third eye and pineal gland to support you living in total abundance.

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"Think of Pure Source as the ocean; you are one drop within that ocean."

Show Notes:

  • Common misunderstandings of the third eye and pineal gland

  • The true functions of your third eye and pineal gland

  • What is the third eye

  • Where is the third eye"The third eye reflects who you are at spirit form at human form; it is like a big stamp on your forehead that says treat me like this."

  • What is the pineal gland

  • Where is the pineal gland

  • The true purpose of the third eye and pineal gland"The third eye and the pineal gland are a communication center; your communication hub."

  • EI’s definition of spirit

  • EI's definition of soul

  • The relationship between your spirit, soul and body

  • How the soul is a translation kit between your spirit and body

  • Why and how spirit knows everything

  • How your identity becomes transparent and why that is important

"The Exponential Intelligence journey is to get you awakened to the higher levels where you can come back into human form without having a human form."

  • How EI helps awaken the spirit

  • Why an awakened spirit is important

  • How the third eye transmits information

  • Why most people react to the world instead of interact with it

  • How to interact with the world so people feel your energy immediately

  • What is the space above the third eye and why it matters

  • How to truly connect to Pure Source

  • How the third eye interprets physical space

  • Jesus and the third eye

"When I tap into you, there are terabytes of information that instantly come into me about you."

This Week's Mas Work:

"Be aware of the physical points of the third eye and pineal gland" and please share your story with us on Facebook.

This Week's Medihealing:

In the Medihealing, I guide you to focus on letting go of your old beliefs about your third eye and pineal gland.  I support you in coming into a deeper understand of how taping into your third eye and pineal gland can shape your world and tap into limitless abundance. 

"Once you understand the physical realm, the grandness of the spiritual realm comes through to you."

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