Mas Sajady EI Podcast #4: EI Time and Space

Would you like to take more control of your life? Did you know that through a deeper understanding of time this is actually possible? 

This episode of Exponential Intelligence® will open a door that will help you understand how you work, how time is a foundational tool of EI and the importance of mastering time. 

I end this episode with a ten minute Medihealing® designed to expand your awareness of time and space, so you can go out into the world and notice what you notice at a higher level. 

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“Time is actually the culprit of any distortion that you see in your life, any lack that you see in your life.”

Show Notes:

  • The importance and fundamentals of mastering time

  • What is the zero point

  • Kids, cell phones and checking out

  • What are the benefits of Medihealing

  • Mas’s definition of time and how time works

  • How everything created has some level of consciousness to know what time it is

  • Why animals are stuck in a linear time fashion

  • How some things force you to connect back into the present moment

“Mastering time is that component which will enhance or attract anything that you need in your life.”

  • How as humans we have the ability to step away from being a linear time functioning individual

  • The power behind Mas’s work and what ’editing’ can do for you

  • Is time a molecule?

  • The beauty of being present and having time stand still

  • How all the teachings of EI are really time functions

  • Why being in the ‘now’ will help you control much more in your life

  • Join my ten minute Medihealing to help instill the principles of time and space and begin taking control of them.

“To master and edit space and time you have to be completely present and aware.”

This Week's Mas Work:

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“Time is really a variable rather than a concept.”