Mas Sajady EI Podcast #102: Vanity, Beauty and Spirituality Part 2

This episode is the second and final chapter of our series on the intersection between spiritual and physical beauty, and how to use both of these powerful forces to elevate your life. 

As we began discussing in Episode 101, there are many people who feel that physical beauty implies or can create a lack of spirituality, which is why I felt guided by Pure Source to share a higher truth on the connection between them. Some of these insights may be surprising, and will hopefully broaden your perspective on the paths to true beauty and abundance. 

I begin this episode by jumping back into answering your questions on the relationship between external and internal attractiveness and abundance. I dive into the truth behind plastic surgery and how it relates to vanity. I also explore the importance of the intention behind craving to be beautiful, and how to leverage our vanity to expand and motivate ourselves to spiritually ascend. 

We finish with a Medihealing designed to bring in true spiritual beauty. I will guide you into a deep meditative state where you can visualize and connection with your vibrant default spiritual age, and see the brilliance of who you truly are. 


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"It does no one any good to hide who you are."

Show Notes:

  • Whether you should feel embarrassed of your beauty
  • What spiritual issues are there around plastic surgery
  • How Pure Source feels about us messing with God's design
  • Does our vanity disappear when we transcend
  • Is vanity an impediment to spiritual advancement
  • How can vanity help our spiritual development
"You are responsible for the level you attain - there are no excuses." 
  • How to know whether we've gone too far with vanity
  • Should we compromise personal happiness for social approval
  • Should we forego social approval for personal happiness
  • What aspects of vanity are the most spiritually evolved
  • What qualities of awareness should we cultivate and embody
"Stand out, be a leader, and shine your own light." 

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