Mas Sajady EI Podcast #142: What Destroys You Nourishes You


In this episode, I dive into the second in this five-session part to our free Abuse Recovery Series on relationships. Upon first listen some may question what I cover to be more on relationship itself rather than abusive relationships but, if you pay closer attention, I bring out more of the subtle details that make abuse much deeper and far-reaching into what you may call “normal.”

Even before abuse happens, for instance, what is the backstory that would even turn someone into an abuser? And why, do I consider the abusee the stronger individual than the abuser though they fall victim to misconduct? I unveil, in scientific steps, the path towards abuse that could help you to strip away—the right way—unnecessary actions or interactions to maintain present.

With EI there is always a pure connection you can achieve that doesn’t come from a limited perspective to get you into that present state. On relationships—in marriage to business to spirituality—there is always another choice, with your higher self, where you can grow independent and connected at the same time.

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“Our need for connection serves a higher function than the basic need for food.”

Show Notes:

  • What does it mean to see things from an EI level

  • Why do some people believe that which destroys them feeds them

  • How can we transcend abuse as a means for attention

  • Why are people who aren’t in relationships want one

  • Why are people who are in relationships want out

  • What are some examples of abusive relationships

“Those old couples you see still holding hands are actually complete individuals who communicate together on a higher level of being.”

  • What are some examples of abusive relationships

  • Why do relationships fizzle out

  • Approaching intimate relationships from a scientific perspective

  • What are we really looking for in relationships

  • Do men need variety and women need monogamy

  • Why aren’t people having steamy sex

“Practicing EI forces you to become independent. And by becoming independent, you can attract organic relationships that help you grow together.”

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