Into the Blue | A Full-Moon Medi-Healing

Enchanted by its beauty and magnificence, Mas meditated on the Blue Moon when it occurred in July 2015. You are invited to this illuminating experience….

Mas first taps into the ‘full-moon emotions’ and restore balance and serenity as needed. He then takes you into the magical sky, elevate your frequency to radiate with the moon, all the while reminding you that your essence was born of the same Grace as of the moon….So when you admire the Blue Moon tonight, please know that its brilliance is a reflection of your own light…and its splendor is here to illuminate the beauty of your own essence....

Two-Part Replay Available (45min)

$30 | Click for Replay

Missed the Live Call? Don't worry...the beauty, potency and effects of the Blue Moon will linger on through the next few days...While the frequencies in the replay are imprinted with the timeless healing properties as the live call.