Let’s come together on the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere and Autumn in the southern hemisphere, with the power of the full moon and also Mas’s birthday for this powerful debut.


A Call to Action from Mas

The horrific event that happened in Christchurch, New Zealand is an indicator of the evolution of our human society. As a whole, we get an "F-" for performance and another "F-" for effort. It is utterly disgusting that thousands of years have passed, and we have gone nowhere. Our technological advancement further magnifies the unconsciousness into which humans have digressed. That is why AI can effortlessly advance beyond humans, because we get dumber as technology gets smarter. We are a disgrace to the word evolution. The simplest of forms, a single cell bacterium, evolves into its best self. Humans, the most complex form, fail to accomplish even that.

We use antiquated paradigms called religion, spirituality, and science that we base our existence upon. Religion has killed more people than anything else combined. For those who are religious, let me give you a clue. If you are not getting the same results as a Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or Abraham then you are doing it wrong. For those who use religion as an excuse to oppress and control others, whether you are an individual or a world leader "doing God’s work", STOP. God doesn't need your help. What kind of omnipotent God would he be if he needed help from a lowly human who keeps screwing up their lives after a thousand years of evolution. For those who are intellectuals, scientists, or atheists who don't believe in a God, let me test your intelligence. Why do you spend so much time on a concept that does not exist? The more proof you generate for something that does not exist, the more you generate that false reality into existence. For example, think of all things that are not colored yellow. What did you just create?

What does all of this have to do with the Christchurch shooting? It proves that the leaders of the world, whether religious, political, educational or business, do not know what they are doing.  It has been proven over the ages that we have made the same mistakes over and over again and use the same propaganda to justify them, such as blaming a certain religion, ethnic group, etc. for our errors.  

That time has ended. The Christchurch shooting marks the end of this paradigm. It is a time of mass awakening. We must strengthen from adversities and become responsible as an individual for our own conscious evolution.

I ask you to join me in a meeting of the minds to honor those lost in the shooting and to usher in a new paradigm of consciousness. To stop the bullying, hatred and oppression that have terrorized humanity.


Debut - Bullies & Haters | The Science of Strengthening from Adversities

Put Down Your Religions and Unite


*All proceeds from this event go to the loved ones of the lost