I wanted to thank Mas for doing such a generous service by offering the Abuse Recovery Fundamentals for free! The first one was terrific. ~ M.
  Please let me introduce myself as a new fan and so happy to find you guys. I figured out I am energy patterns and am so glad to find confirmation. I am so happy to know I am not imagining that life itself is abusing me. I specifically requested a person that will give me the success patterns that are strong enough to overcome mine and here we are. After the last call about abuse being decay to be used as advantage, I nailed it first thing next day. Just nailed it and keeping on. I will be definitely doing the Abuse Recovery Intensive and am now doing the 21 day. ~KD
  I have listened to the orientation calls and the first two Abuse Recovery Fundamental calls. Wow! Just these calls have knocked me on my butt. I would like to do the whole Abuse Recovery Intensive. ~D.
  So I looks like I'm in for the full Abuse Recovery Intensive. I'm so glad you have added the free Abuse Recovery Fundamental calls, as I could hardly keep my eyes open on the first orientation call. And I have been working with Mas Sajady for awhile, so I was a bit surprised. That being said, the experience told me right away of the need for this work for me. Thanks again!  ~D.
  From the moment I signed up for the 1st Abuse Series orientation call my collective family paradigm started moving. I have progressed up to the point that I can actually see it finally starting to separate from me.  ~P
  I just wanted to let you know that when I saw the price of the Abuse Series I started to cry. Thank you sooooo much for making this affordable for me and many of my clients. I am feeling truly blessed to be a part of this community of people. With deep love and gratitude. ~J
  There's been abuse patterns on all levels in my family. When I was on the free Abuse Recovery Fundamentals call, I thought maybe the full Abuse Recovery Intensive would be right for me. It sounds life-changing. Thank you all for ALL you do.  ~J.
  Having run abuse patterns my whole life, I am really trying to prepare my self (spirit and physical) for the Abuse Recovery Intensive. Replaying the free Abuse Recovery Fundamentals call; last weekend I had a huge realization about how I had allowed myself to be treated so badly, from myself and others. It was not a pity realization, but a true sadness, which then followed with, I will demand more for myself. Thanks for a beautiful life Mas team! Much love. ~DB
  These Abuse Recovery Fundamentals calls are fantastic, than you for making them free of charge for all to benefit. ~GM
  Very powerful, we realize how much we need to learn and to clean. If this is just the free Abuse Recovery Fundamentals, imagine the Abuse Recovery Intensive. ~EO
  Thanks Mas for offering this free Abuse Recovery Fundamentals … I have listened to them and feel amazingly better! ~RA
  Mas, thank you so much for your generous gift of the free Abuse Recovery Fundamentals. Such a thoughtful and beatuiful gesture. ~KK
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