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WARNING: The Exponential Intelligence transformational process is highly effective and very intense. You may find it severely challenging as old patterns shift. Working with Mas requires absolute ownership and personal accountability. If you are mentally unstable, weak, tend to blame others, and/or are unwilling/unable to take personal responsibility please do NOT proceed.


The Journey to Truth

In working with Mas, we initiate a process in which we realign with Truth. For some, this process creates a fallout in our life circumstances as we shed that which is incongruent with our higher state of existence. There may be times when we experience complete loss, confusion or feelings of desperation. For others, our journey is less arduous but it still leads us through unexpected terrain.

Join Mas in the finale of the Exponential Intelligence MAStery series where he will talk extensively about what it takes to live life from a higher-consciousness. Understand what is happening when life feels disrupted and dismantled and gain insight into what awaits on the other side, where truth and existence are aligned.


Part 1: The Big Picture

- What is Exponential Intelligence’s definition of Truth? Is there one underlying truth to existence, that applies across every being and every dimension?

- Why is living in alignment with truth important individually and for humanity?

- Can you explain what our “highest good” really means? Is it always in alignment with humanity’s highest good? We often think we know what we want in our lives and on our journey but do these individual desires matter on our quest to align with truth? 

- You have said that the work you do brings us back in alignment with truth. Can you explain what this means?

- What does this process look like? While individual circumstances and rulesets may differ, what are the common stages we all share as we go through this process?

-Is the process that we experience after working with you different than other paths towards awakening?

-  Why are some of us pulled towards your process – the “Mas work” - and others are not? Are there personal characteristics of clients that are best fit to endure Mas work? 

- Many of your clients get upset at how their life has unfolded after working with you. Perhaps this is the process that is needed – but when we are in the midst of despair – how do we know that the work we do with you is moving us towards higher good? 


Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- What should we do/what is required for our life to converge with Truth to bring in the complete abundance you often talk about?

What is one's greatest obstacle to living truth?

- Many of us believe we are already living from a place of truth. How can we tell if we are, in fact, living from a place of real truth?

- Mas, more and more people are calling in to you and talking about how they feel overwhelmed or depleted by their path.  What is happening in these cases and how can someone determine when to take a break from the work or perhaps no longer continue on this particular path to Truth? 

- For the smaller percentage of people who walk into change without detox, is this a ruleset that is consistent throughout their entire transformation process or does everyone detox at some point or another … especially the higher you ascend?

- How can one decipher between detox/falling away vs. life just happening? 

- You have said that some walk out of distortion the same way they walk in. For those who experienced negative and extreme circumstances, this process can feel unbearable. What can they hold on to in order to keep going?

- Though we feel on a conscious level that we are eager to let go of our identities and distorted frequencies, when you tap into our higher consciousness you see our spirits holding on tightly. Why does this difference in mind & spirit exist? Why does our spirit hold on if we think we’re ready to let go?

- If I determine that Mas work is not for me – perhaps it’s just too much, are there alternative paths that can lead me to Truth and higher consciousness? 

- Are there better times than others to stop this work or are there times when we should keep going so as not to distort us further. 

- Without common knowledge about this process to Truth, there is little support in our communities to help us through difficult times of detox. How do we keep going?


Part 3: Summary

- Were all of the paths of the masters leading towards the same goal or outcome? Did the people who worked with them go through a similar process as those of us who work with you?

- Mas, what was your journey to truth and did Masters like Jesus and Buddha go through a similar process?

- Mas, do your human characteristics influence the way in which you help lead us to truth. Does the Pure Source connection override any of your human filters?

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Unconditional Love

What is true unconditional love and what would life be like if we could live each moment from this space? How would we perceive our fellow neighbors, friends, or our enemies? How would we perceive ourselves? Join Mas in this Exponential Intelligence lecture where he will help us to understand the power of unconditional love, what obstacles prohibit us from experiencing it and what we can do to exist in the present moment where unconditional love is accessed.



Part 1: The Big Picture

- What is the Exponential Intelligence definition of unconditional love and how does it differ from ordinary love?

- Is there a connection between Pure Source and unconditional love? 

- Does love have a priority over other life emotions? If love is a byproduct of pure source connection, why is there such an emphasis on it in the world?

- Mas said that many people don’t what real love is. How do we know when we are dealing with love, let alone unconditional love?

- Is unconditional love an innate expression for humans?  If so, why did our inner sense of unconditional love become so tainted? 

- Why do we place conditions on love and is it distorting?


Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- Can love be consciously shifted to being unconditional? What can we do to best access our ability to exercise unconditional love?

- What typically stands in the way of us truly loving unconditionally?

- Many misunderstand unconditional love to mean blindly accepting unhealthy behaviors. Can you explain how to love unconditionally while maintaining strong, healthy boundaries?

- Where does self-love fit into unconditional love? Do you have to love yourself unconditionally in order to truly love others unconditionally? 

- For those who suffered abuse, what is the best way to open to unconditional love? How can we forgive & move on without grudges or anger?

- Can someone coming from a dark or distorted source still be unconditionally loving?

- Many people wonder, if God/Pure Source loves us so much, why are spirits left in voids, trapped as ghosts, stuck in time loops, etc. Is this an extension of free will in death?


Part 3: Summary

- What does it look like for a human to fully integrate and embody unconditional love? Has it been done?

- Mas, you have said that your abilities stem from unconditional love. Is unconditional the sole source of your abilities?

- If we were all able to operate from a space of unconditional love, would there continue to be world conflict, political disagreements, or mistreatment of humanity?

- Mas, you say you’re able to see our purity from a space of unconditional love. What does that look like, how does that feel?

- Could you lead us in a Medihealing to experience and awaken unconditional love within us?

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Spiritual Physics & Laws

Just as the law of gravity keeps our feet on the ground, the laws of spiritual physics may very well dictate what transpires in this realm. Could it be that spiritual laws truly govern our human existence, our interpersonal relationships and our ability to live a life of abundance? What are the spiritual laws and how were they created? Are they an unproven, unexplored scientific reality? Join Mas as he accesses Exponential Intelligence to answer our questions about spiritual physics and laws and how they influence our existence on Earth.  


Part 1 - The Big Picture:

- Is Exponential Intelligence synonymous with spiritual physics/laws?

- What are spiritual laws and how and when did they come into existence? Were they created by Pure Source or our higher collective consciousness?

- Is there a set number of spiritual laws and is there a hierarchy where one or some of the laws are more important, fundamental, or essential than others?

- Do spiritual laws operate like the laws of science or physics? Can spiritual laws be bent or broken? If so, are there consequences? Is there ever a circumstance in which they do not apply?

- Do spiritual laws always operate for our highest good? What purpose do they serve?

- Is Pure Source required to abide by spiritual laws? What about dark sources?


Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- Is everything dictated by spiritual law? If so, does this imply that the circumstances of our human life have less “meaning” than what most of us feel they have?

- Does “love" have a critical role in spiritual laws, whether as a foundational element or something that overcomes or overrides other spiritual laws?

- Are our rule sets guided by or related to spiritual laws in any way?

- How do spiritual laws collaborate or integrate with DNA, genetic code or other science-based theorems?

- Are there any fundamental religious-based commandments or rules that align with spiritual laws?

- Is our creative process and ability to manifest governed by spiritual physics? 

- Do the spiritual laws by which we’re governed change or morph as you ascend through spiritual levels? 

- When someone consciously feels like they are prepared to let go of an identity or frequency… but on spirit level they are holding on, what is happening? Why would our spirit hold on if we “feel” or “think” that we are ready to let go and change, nd what can we do about it?

- Is there a way for us to become aware of and have a deeper understanding of spiritual laws on our own without the help of Mas?

- Can we master these laws and use them to our advantage? If so, how?


Part 3: Summary

- If we could all accept and understand spiritual laws, how would our daily lives be different?

- Is it possible in this lifetime to awaken so much that we can levitate and fly?

- Mas, is there one spiritual law you have come to understand that has been the most impactful?


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Abuse can come in many forms, all of which debilitate our spirit, severely limiting our ability to live and flourish in our unadulterated state of effortless abundance. Those who have been exposed are more likely to be abused later in life or become abusers, even to themselves, perpetuating the unwanted cycle. In this powerful EIM, Mas will delve into the frequencies behind the cycles of abuse and the spiritual aspects that he sees in both the perpetrator and those who have suffered. Learn how to finally eradicate patterns of abuse from your life, renew inner strength and worth, and ignite the full knowing of your true grace and beauty to fully embrace life’s splendor.


Part 1: The Big Picture

- What is an Exponentially Intelligent take on Abuse? 

- What is the evil/root-frequency that generated abuse (fear, greet, power, etc)?

- Is there a common goal or purpose of abuse (pleasure, control, harm)? 

- Why are some spirits born into an environment of abuse and not others?

- Why do victims often become abusers?  What does the cycle of abuse look like spiritually?

- Can you help us understand from a human perspective why a person would abuse another? In particular, what crosses the abusers mind to allow them to abuse children? And children who enjoy abusing small animals?

- How does family and cultural lineage impact abuse frequencies?

- Was there something that triggered abuse or did spirits come into this realm with abusive frequencies?

- Is there an entity or dark control source that overtakes those who abuse? If so, does it transfer or take control of the victim?

- Is there another element or mastermind at play with the abuse that occurs within religious organizations or cults?

- Can you further explain why those who have been abused subconsciously seek out abusive relationships and sometimes find comfort or familiarity in being abused?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- How do the effects differ across the different types of abuse such as verbal, psychological, physical and sexual?

- For those who are aware of their abuse patterns and have tried unsuccessfully to fully break them, what else can they do to stop abusing others and/or stop pulling in abuse?

- Can our distortions be strong enough to influence and change the behaviors of others? For example, can someone who doesn’t have abuser patterns become abusive towards someone who is running strong abuse me patterns?

- Is there a way to experience abuse without it being distorting?

- How can we truly heal from our deep wounds of abuse and the residual shame that seems to linger?

- Do we carry the pain of abuse from past lives? When we clear, do we feel this cumulative pain?

- How can we truly heal from our deep wounds of abuse?

Part 3: Summary

- Are there any benefits or abilities that can be gained from a past of being abused? Can abuse serve a higher purpose?

- You have said many times that successful people turn weaknesses into strengths. How can a person flip abuse and the damaging attitudes it leaves behind around to turn it into a strength and launch ourselves higher so we can be free of abuse and the residual effects?

- What is the best thing we can do to help loved ones who are being abused or have been abused in the past?

- In light of the recent New Realities talk with Alan Steinfeld, how is humanity, the human race, as well as all those in physical form, abusing itself as a collective? Can an individual free themselves, step outside of the cycle, in such a way that it starts to unravel that collective attachment of abuse?

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Note:  To help alleviate the pervasive pain that so many suffer in despair and darkness, we will be launching a series of potent and laser-focused Medihealing intensives that will address the core distortions deeply-rooted in the frequencies of debilitating conditions, such as abuse, addiction, etc. 

Our debut series will be on Abuse, a seven-week, six-part intensive series addressing the generating forces and the collective unconsciousness in the cycle of abuse, targeting the expressions of abuse with the potency and intensity to terminate their frequencies. It includes this EI MAStery talk + medihealing for abuse. Click here for complete details. 

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Have you ever wondered about the role dreams play in our lives?  As our physical body falls into a peaceful state of rest and slumber our mind conjures up bizarre and fantastical dreams. What is the purpose of these dreams and where do they come from? Does your spirit help guide you into dream states? Does spirit direct specific illusions for your unconscious-self to experience in pursuit of spiritual awakening? With all of the medical and technological discoveries, the science and the philosophical purpose of dreams still eludes us. Join Mas in this reflective EI Mastery discussion where he will connect to Pure Source to reveal timeless information and share EI wisdom to help us better understand this ever-intriguing topic.


Part 1: The Big Picture

- Sleep takes up half of our time on earth…what is its primary purpose according to EI? Do dreams serve a purpose physically, spiritually or both?

- What determines the content of our dreams? Do all dreams have a message or are most of them random? If there are messages, are they from Pure Source or our spirits?

- Is it important that we remember our dreams? How much should we pay attention to them? Why, from a spiritual perspective, would someone rarely remember their dreams?

- Does a part of us leave our body while sleeping? Does time exist in dream states?

- What are the differences physically and spiritually in varying states of consciousness such as sleep, anesthesia and comas?

- What consciousness is involved when one is dreaming yet aware that one is in a dream; or even influencing how the dream unfolds such as in lucid dreams?

- Can sleep or dreams serve as an access to other places? How do dreams and astral travel differ and how can one decipher between them?

- Do all people go through the same spiritual process during sleep or does it differ from person to person? Does dream symbolism have meaning and if so, does it vary for each individual?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- Can dreams ever serve as guidance? When dreams come true, is it another form of future vision?

- What is happening with recurring dreams and are they related to a time distortion?

- When our dreams incorporate people from our childhood or past – is it for a reason?

- Do deceased loved ones intentionally appear in our dreams? Can other spirits or entities communicate with us in dreams? If so, how can we distinguish this communication from a normal dream? 

- Can we visit memories from previous lifetimes in our dream state?  Do these memories come up as an opportunity for us to dissolve distortion so it no longer repeats?

- What is the significance of nightmares? Why are intense or troubling dream experiences not traumatizing to us once we are awake?

- How can one tell the difference between spirits pestering or attacking us while sleeping vs a nightmare?

- For those who experience negative entities in their dreams, what can they do to protect themselves?

- What is the EI perspective on today's increase in insomnia and what can those of us who suffer from insomnia do to overcome it? Does lack of sleep or dreaming affect us spiritually?

- Can you use your dreams to manifest? If so, how?

- How can we best use/apply the information that comes through in our dreams?

Part 3: Summary

- What role does sleep play in helping us to integrate our frequency healings & programming changes?

- Does sleep play a role in clearing and detox?  

- Do the effects of Mas’s work differ when we are sleeping?

- Mas, do you listen to your own Medihealings while you sleep? Is there anything you do to optimize the benefits of sleep?

- As you become more awakened, does the role of sleep and dreams change? Mas, what do you dream about?

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Let's Talk About Sex

Mas has talked about sex many times but some essential questions remain to be asked so we can comprehensively understand the Exponential Intelligence point of view regarding sex, its role in spirituality, in relationships, the differences between genders and its natural life cycle throughout physical age. "Let’s talk about sex" with Mas and EI in this informative and captivating discussion that may help us breakthrough personal blocks and see sexuality from a whole new perspective.


Let’s Talk About Sex

Part 1: The Big Picture
- Besides physical pleasure and procreation, what is the spiritual purpose of sex from EI's perspective? 
- Why is sexual union a divine connection? 
- Why do many religions preach the absence of sex?
- Is sex needed for our spiritual evolution or is it optional?
- With so much emphasis on orgasm, is there a spiritual significance to an orgasm?
- Do we take on some of our sexual partner's frequencies and adopt their distortions/strengths? 
- What is Exponential Intelligence’s view on open sexual relationships? 
- It’s been said that the enlightenment is a lonely journey, will we naturally lose sexual desires or must we detach from our sexual relationship in order to ascent? 

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application
-  For some people, spiritual conversation or interaction can feel intimate and even sexually arousing.  Why does this happen? 
- If we are inflicted with physical self confidence issues, poor self-image or feel that parts of our body are inadequate, such as the size of a man’s sex organs, womens’ breasts, etc. – how can we best move past this and come into a higher understanding of sexual connection for full expression of ourselves?
- What is the best way for those of us burdened by feelings of guilt towards sex or operating with a lens that sees sexuality as “dirty” to release these misconceptions?
- For those who have had sexual experiences that they regret, how can they remove any lingering distortion? 
- Many people report that the sexual spark fades in long standing relationships. Is this a natural progression or can the passion be maintained? What can those in committed relationships do to make sex more passionate, more spiritual and more exciting with our current partners?
- For many, hormonal shifts such as after children or surrounding menopause, seem to lessen their sex drive. What is EI’s perspective on the role of hormones for both men and woman throughout life and how can they regain a satisfactory sexual experience? 
- Is spiritual sex meant to be between man and woman only?
- Are highly spiritually advanced people more detached when it comes to having sex?  Is monogamy an issue any more at that level? 
- Is there a benefit to exploring sexual encounters outside of your relationship? Is there a way to do this while still honoring your partner?
-  In what way can sex deplete you spiritually and what does this mean for all those who use sex haphazardly? Can casual sex or one-night stands ever be beneficial?
- Are alternative forms of sex such as S&M, fetishes, etc. less pure or spiritually connected? 
- In many religions, we are taught that using birth control or obstructing pregnancies is immoral. What is EI’s perspective on this? 
- Is masturbation a hindrance to our spiritual growth or can it serve a spiritual purpose?  
- Can we use more playful forms of sex such the use of sex toys and role play for a spiritual experience? 
- What is happening at spirit level with sexual distortions such as rape, sexual aggression, and pedophilia? 
 - Is there a spiritual implication when your body experiences physical pain during sex making it unenjoyable but you still desire sexual experiences?  What can we do to release this pain completely so we can enjoy sex again?
- At a spirit level, why do people develop porn and sex addictions? What can those afflicted to do to break these patterns?
- How can those of us with trust issues or a fear of intimacy overcome our blocks so that we are more comfortable with sexual closeness? 
- How can those who have experienced sexual abuse heal so that they may fully enjoy the connection of the sexual experience? 
- When people have trouble orgasming, does it mean they have trouble connecting spiritually? 
- Can you help any individuals who have trouble orgasming understand what our blocks are and can you help us clear them? Multiple orgasms would be great ;) 

Part 3: Summary
- What are some ways that we can become more in touch with our sexuality/sensuality?
- Does a sexual union have the spiritual power to raise or lower the collective consciousness? 
- How to use sexual power to ascend?
- How to prevent the spirit from being depleted by sex? 
- Can you help us experience a state of spiritually connected ecstasy?

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The Inner World of Men and Their Role in Today’s World 

- A sequel to the EIM: Women Matter Too - 

Men have acted as a pillar to society, as great leaders and personal confidants. Cultures often look to men to be unyielding and strong but recently, men have been challenged to get in touch with their emotions while maintaining their masculinity.  Men are expected to treat their gender counterparts with equanimity and respect, play more of a role in parenting and give limitless energy to their career. Has the role of a man been diluted in today’s world? How do men truly feel about their position in life? Do they have a clear understanding of who they are supposed to be from an Exponential Intelligence perspective? 

Join Mas where he will explore the valor, virtue and inner workings of men and facilitate an in-depth look at the characteristics and essence of a true man as he relates to women, society, himself and Pure Source. 


Part 1: The Big Picture

- Can you describe the innate characteristics of a true man from EI’s perspective?

- What does the role of a well- balanced man look like as a husband? As a father? Are societal expectations of men to provide and protect distorting?

- Can you help us understand the implications for men who feel aligned with their gender but have been surrounded or controlled by pervasive female frequencies?

- For men who are not as physically strong, is this a physical manifestation of a spiritual misalignment? What can men who feel more effeminate do to feel more masculine and aligned with their gender?

- Is homosexuality as a natural expression of the diversity of nature or a spiritual distortion? Most demographic studies show that more men identify as being gay than women. Is there a spiritual explanation of this?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- The hunter/gatherer roles of men have changed significantly - many work behind desks all day or stay at home with the kids while the woman plays the role of breadwinner. How has this modern-day world and changes in women’s rights affected men on a spiritual level?

- What is optimal for a woman to expect from her man in a relationship in terms of his role in the relationship? Is it still ok to expect a man to provide financially?

- If we fail to redefine men’s roles alongside women’s, we may be in danger of fostering a culture of hostility among men who are feeling left out in school, in the job market, and in relationships. Are we creating men who are less likely to accept gender equality and less likely to foster healthy relationships and families? For the sake of a healthy society, how can we redefine a positive and appropriate form of masculinity?

- Culturally, it seems that men are pressured into denying their emotions and vulnerability. Is this detrimental and how can a man embody strength while embracing his true self?

- Is it true that men are poor at expressing their emotions or do men have less of a psychological need to discuss their feelings? Is there a spiritual explanation for why men retreat to their “man cave” often?

- How can parents help their sons grow into confident men and prepare them for a spiritually fulfilling relationship?

- In the US today, the public school system seems to be geared towards a quiet/inactive educational approach better suited for girls… how does this affect boys long term as they grow up to be men?

- Many put the male gender on a pedestal and hold the belief that their time is more valuable, they are not to bothered with problems, or upset in any way. From where did this spiritual lens originate and can you share EI’s perspective?

- How did the glorification of men originate historically? Is there a spiritual basis for this?

- What is the best spiritual and mental approach for a man to sexually engage with a woman? Do sexual pressures within society effect or distort men?  How does porn effect men and does it have spiritual implications.

- Does the recent wave of sexual harassment outings relate to the spiritual evolution of manhood?

- What can a man who feels trapped in a nagging relationship do to feel empowered while still respecting his wife? For men who feel possessive or controlling towards the females in their lives, what can they do to come back into balance?

- Are stereotypical masculine traits such as aggression, strength and competitiveness useful building blocks for men? If men are misusing or not understanding what it really means to use these traits, how can we do it more effectively?

- Does men's lack of being present in a strong role create the pervasive anger that women have toward them since it then requires them to fulfill the role at the expense of their femininity?


Part 3: Summary

- How can men’s assertive/pushing nature (as opposed to women’s pulling frequency) best be applied for the greater good of humanity?

- What can a female do with this information? Is there anything general woman can do to help support men in being their best?

- Mas, what are the biggest changes - in terms of coming into your true manhood – you’ve experienced as you’ve become more spiritually awakened?

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Women Matter, Too - The work, life and play of today’s woman

Women are beautiful, nurturing and strong and have influenced societies from the beginning of time. But, as a gender, females have been overlooked, maltreated and undervalued. Have we overcome this history in today’s world? And do we fully grasp how luminous and powerful a spiritually-awakened female can be? 

What would a female look like if we could strip away ancestral oppression, modern day pressures to do it all, cultural rulesets and baggage from previous lifetimes? 

Join Mas in this Exponential Intelligence discussion where he explores the critical role women play in our world, business, leadership, and relationships. Come to understand what’s really behind the love and laughter of today’s modern woman.


Part 1: The Big Picture

- How would Exponential Intelligence define being a true woman without cultural, time, generational, historical and lifetime differences and distortions?

- What are the strengths and benefits of the female frequency? Are these shared by men?

- Does EI see yin and yang frequencies (the feminine and masculine)? Do women and men have both?

- Are females who exhibit more masculine traits distorted?

- Has the female gender historically been more oppressed than men? Have women been in power at different times throughout history? If so, why and how does power shift from being primarily controlled by one gender to the other?

- Why does it seem the more distorted offenses to humanity have been conducted by men? Do women have the same propensity as men for violence and egregious treatment of humans?

- Was there a spiritual event that served as a catalyst for women to be oppressed or have inequitable rights such as voters’ rights, education, career, pay, sexual rights, etc.?  Do women threaten men at a spirit level?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- In general, how would a true woman’s approach to leadership differ from that of a man’s? How can a woman in today’s world exert strength without taking on masculine characteristics? How can women deal with staff and business and stay in the feminine frequency?

- How would EI describe the role of the female in a true romantic relationship?

- Do awakened women still desire the feeling of being taken care of by a true man or is this a distortion?

- What would EI say to women about their sexuality and how to optimize it?

- What social, religious or family expectations distort women the most in today's world and throughout history?

- Is todays’ feminism misunderstood? Does it put women and women's energy in a place that is not beneficial for her or her family?

- Could EI shed some light on all that is happening with the exposure of so many sexual harassment cases in Hollywood, the government, etc.?

- Why have all of the most well-known spiritual masters shown up in male form? In their highest state are they beyond gender?

Part 3: Summary

- What are some daily tactical suggestions women could practice in order to integrate the utmost feminine frequencies?

- At a spirit level, what are women-as-a-whole seeking to accomplish/change in this era?

- Will it ever come to be that women and men will be seen, valued and appreciated equally?  And would this be the optimum state of existence?

- Mas, why is there a disproportionate number of women versus men who are following your work?

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New Business Paradigm

Mas often refers to a “new business paradigm” that is beginning to surface.  Currently, we operate in a world where businesses are increasingly looking out for the success or profitability of the organization with little thought for the wellbeing of the people within it.

What would the business environment look like if it empowered all of its people, cared about their personal and professional success as well as its impact on our planet? How would the economy and corporate culture shift if leaders were better aligned with Pure Source and managed in a way congruent with their spiritual level? In this EIM Lecture, Mas will deeply explore the new business paradigm that he is so passionate about and answer our questions on this important topic.


Part 1: The Big Picture

- What is the Exponential Intelligence definition of the new business paradigm?

- What does true business success look like within the new business paradigm?

- Is a company vision/mission important? If so, what is the best way to pursue it?

- Is a company hierarchy beneficial? How can success be achieved without one? Is some organizational structure or formality needed for success?

- How would employee compensation be affected by the new business paradigm?

- What role do employees’ wants and desires play in a company? Is it feasible for employees to follow their passions within the company construct? How can employers promote this?

- How will the current business world accept and evaluate organizations operating under the new business paradigm and what will it take for the general population to adopt this new way?


Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- Under the new business paradigm, is there a place for planned goals and strategy or will the organization be naturally guided down an optimal path of success?

- What is the optimum work structure and environment for employees under the new business paradigm? For example, is it an office setting with mandated hours, etc.?

- If required hours and policies are not put in place by an organization operating under the new business paradigm, what happens to employees who are not aligned with the work ethic, passion and philosophy shared by the company?

- Will the role of deeply held beliefs such as “time is money” remain in the new business paradigm?  How can we best facilitate shifting those beliefs in organizations?

- Is there a role for Artificial Intelligence under the new business paradigm?

- For any of us who own or currently lead a business, what are some fundamental changes we can make to impact our organization? For those of us not in leadership positions, what can we do to help initiate changes towards a new business paradigm?

- Does the level of awakening between employees and the company have to be aligned? If not aligned, can one transform the other? Can one person transform an entire company through personal awareness?

- How can a company operating in the old paradigm most realistically begin to switch to the new way of thinking?

- What can an employee do if they work for a company deeply entrenched in the old paradigm? Is the only way out to leave the company?

- In addition to companies, does the concept of the new business paradigm apply to other groups such as governments, social organizations, etc.?

- Will something traumatic and transformational, such as extreme economic depression, be required for the new business paradigm to prevail?

- Can you provide current examples of companies that are operating in the new business paradigm?


Part 3: Summary

- Does EI see the new business paradigm becoming widely adopted in our world, during our lifetime? Will business leaders and staff need to awaken first?

- Mas, does your company operate under the new business paradigm? In what ways?

- Do you have plans, Mas, for more strictly business-related events in 2018 focused on assisting business-minded individuals in taking their businesses to the next level and linking up to greater and higher opportunities?

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The long awaited EIM Lecture on aliens has landed.  Join Mas during a thrilling discussion on all creatures and beings not of this worldly space.  Mas will answer our questions about aliens, where they travel from and their role on our planet and beyond.  Whether you believe in aliens or you think you are one, this is sure to be a captivating lecture where we can uncover the truths of our universal neighbors from the perspective of Exponential Intelligence.


Part 1: The Big Picture

- How would EI define aliens to humans on earth? How would the EI perspective address humans who simply cannot believe in aliens? Have all human beings come in contact with aliens at some point or another?

- How and when did aliens originate? Do they all predate humanity?

- You have mentioned that some aliens are more advanced than others…are all more advanced than humans? How many different types of aliens are there in the universe?

- Do they all have physical bodies? What is their language or way of communicating? How do they reproduce?

- When did aliens first visit earth and why? Do UFOs exist or is this a myth? 

- Do aliens live here among us? Can aliens be born in human form on Earth?

- Do aliens have spirit bodies like humans? What is their purpose for existence? Do they have the need to awaken? Do they acquire distortions in the same way we do (are they time bound)?

- You have mentioned that alien frequencies can attach or integrate with humans. How and why do they do this and are they all capable of this?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- Have you received any teachings/messages from aliens?

- Do aliens understand human emotions?

- Do different aliens have different intentions toward us? Are some aliens here to help us and others to control?  What can we do to protect ourselves from harmful aliens?

- Do aliens have a fascination with humans? Have humans been abducted and if so, for what reason? Are they studying or experimenting on us? Is the concept of them implanting devices in us true?

- Do some aliens have seek to help the human race progress? Have they influenced our physical evolution and are they playing a role in our spiritual progression?

- Why do some people know they are aliens and others do not? How can we know if we are alien?

- Can aliens take on or take over any form on earth such as humans, animals, etc.?

- Do you get to choose whether you want to be human or alien in spirit space?

- What is the difference between an alien and a traveler?

- Would an open and interactive relationship with aliens be possible with humans on earth? Would it be beneficial? Have we made any deals, agreements or contracts with aliens?

Were the pyramids built with the help of aliens? Was there a time when aliens lived amongst humans openly?

Part 3: Summary

- Are there any prominent people in history who were alien such as Steve Jobs or Nikola Tesla? and did they know that they were alien?

- Are there any movies that are based on real aliens? (E.T., The Abyss, Aliens, The Navigator, Close Encounter of the Third Kind, etc.  

Will there be an event in the near future where aliens will physically reveal themselves to humans world-wide?

- What, if any, benefits have we already enjoyed due to alien guidance or interaction? What is the best way for us to benefit from alien knowledge moving forward?

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Careers - Finding Your True Calling

In today’s age, there is tremendous emphasis put on our career.  “What we do” and our identity are often closely intertwined. 

For some, at a young age they had a calling to a predetermined career.  Their urge was powerful and could not be ignored.  For others, they never felt pulled towards a job or position and even as adults cannot decipher what career would make their heart sing. 

As adults, we spend too much of our cherished time in our job for it to only be a means to an end. Our right to 360° of abundance includes a career that is custom fit for our interests and our strengths. Join Mas as he reviews the highly anticipated topic of careers and how to find your true calling.  He’ll answer our questions about work, vocations, and how to identify our spirit-guided passions so we can indulge in a role that allows us to feel secure and empowered. 


Part 1: The Big Picture

- Why do so many people link their identity with their work? Does everyone have a “calling”?

- Is there an innate human need to be productive and is there value in it? If so, have we taken it to an extreme and caused it to be distorting?

- What is EI’s definition of work-life balance?

- How do we move from work being something we “have” to do to something we “want” to do?

- Does work distort us and if so, how can we best stop this from happening?

- How can we best tap into our natural skills and capabilities? Do we all have some, or are some of us gift-less? Should our passions and work always be aligned?

- What is the best way for people to discover their true passions? Does society lead children astray when it comes to finding their true calling? Is our educational system distorting?

- What can someone do if they have no idea what career it is they should pursue? Are we better off finding, searching, & preparing for a particular career or just letting our path unfold?

- If we feel pulled to a career at an early age, should we follow it? Are we ever misguided and does our pain body play a role in the careers we choose?

- How can we best guide/prepare our children for the workplace?

- How can we stop from inheriting our parents’ rulesets, financial ceilings, etc.?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- What is the ideal economic model from EI’s point of view? Could socialism work? Should one career/job be higher paying than another in an ideal world?

- For many people, their dream job doesn’t bring in a sustainable income – as is the case for the so-called “starving artists”.  Why is this so?

– Do you have any advice for those struggling with ego in taking a low paying job to pay the bills? How do we balance our dream job with the practicalities and demands of life?

– How can we successfully embody being a strong man or woman in the work place?

- Why do so many working mothers worry that they aren’t with their children enough and harbor guilt while many stay-at-home moms harbor guilt that they should be pursuing their career? 

- Why do so many companies treat their employees so poorly? Are most companies today only focused on the bottom line? What is the new business paradigm?

- What can we do as a company or an employer to help our employees to be their best selves?

- What is the best thing we can do as an employee to communicate our value and have that value reflected back to us in our career? 

- How can we best deal with co-workers who are not in alignment with our highest good?

- Is there a way out of the rat race for those stuck in it who don’t want to be?

- Why is retirement difficult for so many and how can those transitioning out of the workforce best realign themselves with their true identity?

- What is the best support system to keep self-worth intact for those individuals who can no longer work or are unable to find work? Is there personal value in working for a living?

Part 3: Summary

- Is it our responsibility to use our gifts and talents in our career to help influence/shift/awaken the world and if so, how can we best do this?

- From an EI perspective, how is artificial intelligence and the reduced in need for humans in industrial positions impacting the human race?

- What does the future concept of career/work look like an enlightened society?

- Mas, were you a healer in previous lifetimes?

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(Note: You may also be interested in the Group Healing on this same topic.)


Alongside us on this planet are glorious, fascinating creatures.  Animals soar in the sky, gallop through the fields or accompany us in life as a dear friend.  Even though we cannot communicate through language with animals, we recognize the deep level of perception in our pets, the serene peace and wisdom in wild beasts and the highly intelligent capabilities of certain species such as dolphins.  If you could better understand these great creatures out in the wilderness or the one curled at your feet, what would you want to know? What is an animal’s purpose?  Do they experience emotions?  Do they have spirits like we do? Do they reincarnate?  In this Exponential Intelligence Lecture, Mas will download spiritual knowledge to answer our questions about animals and their role and existence on this planet and beyond.


Part 1: The Big Picture

  • What is the role of animals on earth? Why were animals on this earth before humans?

  • How did animals and humans first interact in a collaborative way? Was this designed by the collective humans at spirit level? If so, did animal spirits have any input in the design of the relationship?

  • Do “helper” animals absorb our distortions? Do all animals play this role and do they have to agree to it?

  • Do helper animals choose or know who they are going to help before they incarnate? How can we know if our pet is a helper?

  • Do all animals have spirits? What differentiates us from animals at the conscious and spirit level?

  • Do animals obtain and compile distortions as we do? Do they pass on their distortions to their offspring?

  • Can animals awaken? Do they have a need to? Are there different levels of awakened animals in the animal spirit world?

  • Do animals reincarnate? What about lower forms such as insects? Can animals reincarnate to humans or humans to animals?

  • Do animals play a spiritual role in our overall purpose on earth?


Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

  • Do animals like being pets?

  • Do animals get sad? Do they get attached to their pet friends or family? Do they struggle with loneliness, grief, or ego like humans do?

  • What is the best way to handle a pet’s passing when they are old and suffering? Does “putting them down” allow for a clean transition? Is there a better way?

  • Can we know when it is time for an animal to leave us or when it is the best time to put them down?

  • How can we develop the ability to better communicate with animals?

  • How do the animals in the zoo feel? Is there a justified benefit in having zoos?

  • What about animal testing? Is this a worthy enough cause to put them through the pain? Is there any honor for the animal in knowing that they are helping humanity?

  • Some animals have miraculous gifts. What are some of the greatest gifts in animals that exceed human abilities? What can we do to help our pets to access their gifts?

  • Are some animals such as Whales & Dolphins of higher consciousness? What is their role and how are we here to learn from them?

  • Were animals meant to be eaten? How do they feel about being consumed? Do we show our respect to animals by not including them in our diet?


Part 3: Summary

  • Are humans largely responsible for the extinction of many species or would animals naturally become extinct as the world evolves?

  • Is there any point to making an effort to “save” an endangered species? Do we benefit animals by trying to help them or would they prefer that we leave them alone?

  • What can we do in our daily lives to honor our pets and help make them comfortable and happy?

  • What would our pets tell us (humans) if they could talk?


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How did our world and human form begin?  Did we evolve from a different species or were we created by spirit for a simple and efficient transformation?  What would a higher understanding of evolution look like? Join Mas in this expansive Exponential Intelligence Lecture where he will reveal the spiritual wisdom behind the evolution of human, spirit and our universe. 


Part 1: The Big Picture

- As a collective consciousness, at what point was it decided at spirit level to come into human form? Have our spirit’s inhabited other forms of life in the universe prior to the human experience?

- At what point in the evolution of humans did man’s spirit appear?  Was it always present as we evolved?

- Did spirits devise a scientific plan for how cells would evolve to create the human form here on Earth?

- Did humans evolve from a different species such as the great apes? If so, did we all come from the same ancestor?

- How did the different "races" of humans come to be?

- Did aliens play a role in the evolution of humans or animals?

- Is the Big Bang Theory accurate? If so, what caused it to happen?

- Are there multi-verses and if so, does evolution play a role?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application 

- Is there any merit to the story of Adam and Eve? Where did that story come from and how should Christians reconcile their beliefs?

- Do Pure Source and our spirits play an active and dynamic role in the evolution of animals, plants and humans? Or did we create the process and it is now just running its course?

- Does physical evolution affect our individual spirits?

- Were humans supposed to go through the evolution of believing we are purely physical beings to understanding that we are spirit? Or were we always supposed to know we are spiritual beings? If the latter, what went wrong?

- Are humans the only ones in this universe who evolved to suffer time distortions from not being in the present? How did we come to do this?

- What sorts of gifts do you see evolved people sharing with the world once they awaken more fully?

- When and how did Pure Source originate? Did it originate from nothingness or was Pure Source there all along for infinity...even before time began?

- Does Pure Source evolve in any way?

- Are the different Masters put here at specific times to help us in our evolution?

Part 3: Summary 

- How do you foresee humans evolving physically, mentally, spiritually? What is the next big step up in our evolution?

- From an EI perspective, what would the ideal future state of the world look like?  Will we be able to evolve physically and spiritually in order to achieve this ideal state?

- When there's a critical mass of awakened people will there be a quickening that will push everyone else through to a collective, enlightened state?

- Is there any end to the world or evolution process?  Is there a conclusion for all of our lives? Will there be an end of all life on Earth and will we all be one with Pure Source?

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Our ego is a construction in our existence that we create. It is a strong contributor in our lives. The ego drives thoughts and judgments about who we are that we then use to define our lives and establish our identity. But is the ego necessary? Does it play a positive role in our life or is it an obstacle in our path to accessing an awakened spirit?  

Join Mas in this EI Lecture where he will answer our questions about ego, how it came about, its necessity and how best to live with our ego throughout our spiritual journey.


EI Lecture: Ego

Part 1: The Big Picture

- Please define ego from an EI perspective. Is it a separate entity similar to the pain body?

- Is our ego something we should strive to eradicate? Does it separate us from Pure Source? What is its original purpose?

- If balanced, what is its optimal contribution to our lives?  How can it be harmful in its most unbalanced, distorted state?

- Did the concept of ego come into being once we were in human form? Or did it begin when the universal consciousness first separated as spirits?

- Is ego unique to humans? Or do animals and other life forms have egos as well?

- Is the idea that ‘we are all one’ true? Why do we feel the need to distinguish ourselves from others?

- Can we have true individual expression without ego?

- Is it true that when we hurt others we are hurting ourselves?

- How can we identify when we are operating from our higher self vs our ego? How can we use ego to be a positive driving force for change?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- Does ego play a role in the creation process?

- Why do egos seem so sensitive and protective? How can we nurture an ego so that it can be more stable and secure?

- How can we help children to build a strong and healthy ego without them falling into a space of arrogance?

- Why do so many leaders in business organizations, politics, and social groups tend to have an inflated ego? What does Donald Trump’s ego look like when you tap into him?

- So often external validation plays a role in feeding the ego. What are the signs to help us know when external validation is driving the ego in a way that is distorting?

- What is the “high” feeling one gets when we win a competition, get voted into a position, get a promotion or receive a compliment? Why does it feel so important to many to be seen in a positive light?

- Do dark sources use ego deficiencies as a way to control you. If so, how can we modify our ego so that we are less susceptible?

- Is our society becoming more egocentric as a result of things such as reality tv, social media, etc.

- Many religious communities teach us not to think too highly of ourselves — to be modest, to be humble. What would the EI response to this be?

Part 3: Summary

- Do you, Mas, struggle with ego?

- Does the concept of separateness stay with us after death?

- As we all ascend, can you speak to how we can embrace the vastness of our true power without coming from a place of ego.

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Parenting is one of the most influential factors in life and one of life’s utmost responsibilities. As a parent you must navigate the waters of raising a young, innocent child in preparation for the spiritual and worldly life that awaits them. How we were parented significantly impacts the way in which we see the world, ourselves and others. There is no doubt that the subject of parenting is one we are all passionate about and, at the same time, it is a subject that is approached with vacillating and variable strategies and a fair amount of uncertainty. Join Mas as he answers the array of questions we have on parenting, what our roles should be in our children’s lives, and learn what the most impactful, positive steps we can take as parents to allow our children to flourish.


Part 1: The Big Picture

- From the spiritual, exponential intelligence perspective, what are the ultimate goals or desired outcomes for parenting?

- What is the optimal role of a father versus a mother in the eyes of a child?

-Are all children born pure? How, as parents, can we help to maintain the child’s purity and connection to pure source?

- Is there anyway to ensure that our distortions do not get passed along to our children? How can we best go about parenting while we are detoxing and clearing our distortions? Once we delete our distortions, are they automatically removed from our children?

- From the EI perspective, how are parents obligated to their children? Are children obligated to their parents or family (for example, caretaking)?

-Traditionally, most cultures see the parent as the authority figure and the child as the subordinate who must be obedient. Does EI agree with this?

- Can we successfully parent if we haven’t fully healed our own emotional and spiritual wounds? - Is there a way for a child to withstand abusive parenting situations?

-At the end of the day, how much does parenting matter? Will the inherited frequencies of the child or the parent ultimately override any parenting efforts? Are most frequencies inherited through DNA or adopted through environment and experience?

- Why do many parents feel guilt in parenting - like you can never really get it right? How do we find peace in our parenting decisions?

- Why do you sometimes feel more of a connection with one child over another? Should parents feel badly about this imbalanced chemistry?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- Where is the balance in respecting your child’s individuality without foregoing your parental role and crossing into a peer relationship?

- In cases where parents are encroaching on their children in a controlling manner, either physically or spiritually, how can the child maintain their space and honor their true self while being in a vulnerable disadvantaged situation under their parents’ oppression?

- Is it effective to teach children right and wrong even though from a Pure Source perspective there is no right & wrong or good & bad? Why or why not?

- Why do so many parents have trouble getting their kids to listen to them and do everyday tasks without a struggle? What can we do to more effectively communicate and manage the household?

- Why can the teenage years be so difficult and often involve a power a struggle? - How can we tell when a child is possessed, part-alien or being controlled?

- It can be very stressful to raise a child with a spouse or partner who has a severely different parenting style or conflicting values. What is the best way to navigate these differences so as not to negatively impact your child?

- Can you effectively raise children as a single parent? From a spiritual perspective, what effect does an absent parent have on a child and does it make a difference?

- How do we know when a child is spiritually gifted or has special abilities especially if we are not gifted in that way?

- In the case of adoption, what are the spiritual implications of raising a child that is not biologically yours? Do you pull in an adopted child with similar frequencies? Do you pass along your frequencies to your adopted child?

Part 3: Summary

- There is so much going on with children at spirit level that parents may not see...disconnected spirits, controlling entities, imaginary friends that aren’t so imaginary. It seems it would it be helpful for parents to have this knowledge bust most of us are unable to see these spiritual scenarios – what advice do you have to help us parent effectively without this insight?

- As our children become brighter and more spiritually ascended how do we protect our children from other entities that will want to latch onto them or can children learn to protect themselves?

-What if we become aware of our distortions later in our parenthood and we realize that we have been horrible parents. What can we do to heal our children?

- Is it ever justified to kill another human to protect your children?

- For everyone on this spiritual path to awakening, as we gain new perspectives on God and spirituality how should we guide our children and teach them about spirituality? Is it our responsibility? Is it even necessary?

- Is there anything we can do prior to having children or while pregnant to prepare ourselves and our children for a healthy, optimal life?

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"Death is not the opposite of life but a part of it." - Haruki Murakami

Death is a topic that elicits some of the most powerful emotions in the human experience. Death is a significant point in the life cycle of every living creature on this planet. Yet many of us are afraid of the unavoidable finality to this lifetime.  Many societies have attached negative emotions to death, however the crossing of our spirit can be the most illustrious and glorious space we will ever encounter.

Join Mas as he helps to reframe our preconceived notions of death and open us up to the beauty that is unlocked in the culmination of our life. Listen as he answers our questions about what happens after we die, the best way to deal with the death of a loved one, how to gracefully process our grief and even prepare for our own death so that we may transition in a healthy, awakened state at the time of our crossing. 


Part 1: The Big Picture

- There seem to be many different things that can happen to us after we die; is there a general rule of thumb of what is “supposed” to happen? Is reincarnation the process for most spirits?

- Is there a process we go through as spirits as we die and then reincarnate? How long are we in spirit form after death?

- When we die, what exactly reincarnates…the body, emotions, memories, beliefs or just the frequencies collected over lifetimes?

- Who are we when we die? Do we return to a neutral spirit identity? Do we regain the omnipresent knowledge that we lose when we return to human form?

- Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? Are these the same for everyone or do we create these other realms based on our belief systems?

- What happens to atheists who believe that when our bodies die, our existence ends? Do they go through the same after-death process?

- You often say how beautiful the death space is. So why are spirits often afraid of it and sometimes latch on to the living in order to avoid it? When did a fear of death enter into the human belief system and what happened to initiate this fear?

- Do we review our life upon dying?  Do we judge our life’s path or are we judged in any capacity?

- What constitutes death from an EI perspective (for example, lack of brain activity, heart failure, etc.)?  Once we die, do we have any connection to the flesh and bone remaining in this realm?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- I've heard you mentioning cases in which spirits "stay" in a graveyard or "live" in houses. Why do some spirits choose to remain in the place they're buried and others do not?

- How do our spirits know when it is time to die? Do angels come to take you away when it is time to cross? What is happening when people see visions of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, tunnels of light, etc when they die?

- What's the best way to ensure our own awakened death? You often reference spirits getting stuck in a time loop, or what some religions refer to as purgatory. Why would souls have to suffer here or remain here for any length of time? How can we stop this from happening when we die and what can we do for those who have already passed and are stuck in a time loop?

Why would souls have to suffer here or remain here for any length of time...is it not a quick life review and then off to the light?

- How can we best help others through their transition? You have mentioned that the practice of over-medicating before death is distorting. What is the ideal way for us to handle the death process from a physical perspective? What should a family do who does not want to see their loved one suffer?

- Do we ever meet loved ones between lifetimes? What if they have already reincarnated?

- After someone dies, do they ever communicate with loved ones back in this physical realm whether it be through dreams, symbolic “signs”, or messages? Can a person who has died hear the conversations that their living loved ones are having with them or know the thoughts that they are having

- You sometimes relate fears in a current lifetime to a traumatic death from a past lifetime.  If we die a painful death, does this always stay with us in future lifetimes and create distortions? Is death always painful?

- What is it about the gravity of death that keeps us so tied to it? How do we look to our spirits to help us grow and expand from the death space? 

Part 3: Summary

- After working with you and having our files erased and becoming awakened, how will our death be different from other people?

- Why when we are approaching death, do many people start to feel pulled to their religions or faiths? Is it an authentic spiritual draw to Pure Source or a human reaction based out of fear? Does the veil between our spirit and Pure Source start to thin naturally as we approach death? 

- You’ve said that if you could back into that death-space, that heavenly space you would do so in a heartbeat.  Do you have a choice in staying here or is that up to spirit?

- What is Pure Source’s view on death? If Pure Source could send a message to us about death, what would it be?

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Anti-Goal Setting - PART 2

Join Mas in Part II of this EI Mastery Lecture as he continues to address our questions on Anti-Goal Setting and helps us to deconstruct old paradigms.


Part 1: The Big Picture

- Should we have any goals other than connecting to pure source even stronger? What about things like being a better father/brother/person or is that just a natural bi-product.

- Why is it necessary to create a strong foundation before we are at a level to define goals? What does it mean to have a strong foundation?

- Are goals or a specific vision necessary for movement? While goals can be limiting, how do we avoid stagnation and lack of momentum without them?

- What is the connection between discipline and goals? Can goals be productively associated with the discipline that we are trying to implement in our lives?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- What is the balance between visualizing/setting an intention to manifest and just "turning things over to Spirit" to let things turn out in the best manner possible?

- Can you elaborate on how we can effectively bring something into our spirit space rather than it being outside of us? How important are imagination exercises on our own?

- What role do our passions play? Should we set goals in order to better experience our passions in life? Are goals set with passion easier for us to reach than the goals set with logic?

- Do all desires stem from us feeling incomplete?

- Do spirits have their own goals that differ from our physical ones or is their only desire to connect? Do spirits ever work together or sign contracts to help achieve goals or outcomes?

- You’ve described that it is important to know where we are in our current life in order to know where it is we should go. What do you mean by this and what is the best way for us to understand where we are?

- How can we keep or shift our momentum through means other than just willpower and Mas’s help?

- You say that our possibilities are limitless… is it possible for us to bring in extreme future shifts in our realities? What is the most effective way for us to do this and what happens when we do this? Are there always physical/psychological repercussions if we shift too quickly?

- You mention that worry can be a useful tool if applied differently, such as worrying what to do with all of our money rather than worrying about not having it. How does this type of worry help us to manifest?

- What about those who have never been goal-oriented or had very much direction and as a result have given their power over to others? What advice do you have?

- What about goals in a business setting, are they helpful?

- Is there any way that goals could be helpful for our children and should we encourage them to have a new definition of goals for a higher level?

Part 3: Summary

- We have discussed how goals can be unproductive, but how do we rectify that with the practicalities and requirements of everyday life? Is there a role for practical, everyday tasks such as laundry, taxes, etc.

- Is there a point at which we’ve reached such an elevated level that it is productive to define goals and at that point do we still want to achieve them?

- Is there any spiritual reason to try to shift our path? Is one path ever better than another? Or are human desires a means to increase physical experience and human expression in physical form?

- Could you paint a picture for us as to what life would look like when we have evolved to live without goals? What would that look like for an individual and for the collective?

- Do you, Mas, still have goals and if so, how do you set and reach them?

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$30 | Click for Replay

Mas Mechanics - PART 2

Join us for part 2 of this informative EI Mastery.

What is it that Mas sees when he taps into us? Why does he see one thing at one time, then something completely different the next?  What is happening when he snaps, moves his fingers or breathes out sharply?  How do Mas’ abilities work?!

Are you riddled with curiosity about Mas transformational process? Are you fascinated by this mysterious and amazing gift? Now is your chance to find out everything you’ve wanted to know.  Listen in as Mas answers our questions about his process of tapping into individual spirits, Pure Source, and bringing in limitless possibilities to us all. This is a very special EI Mastery on Mas Mechanics when the gifted man himself will decode his operations.


Part 1: The Big Picture

- What is a frequency? What is it made of? Can it be explained through quantum mechanics?

- When you tap into a group during a medihealing, how do the groups’ frequencies present?  How can you tell who is new to your work? How do you see subgroups and can you differentiate individual spirits and specific frequencies?

- What does progress look like at a spirit level? Are you able to see one’s progress during a medihealing?

- What is the process by which new patterns come into us? Are the new, fresh patterns always good or can they also be distorted?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- How do you determine what information is beneficial to share with someone versus information or future events that, if known, will not serve them? For example, when do you decide to share that someone close to them will die or that their marriage will likely fail?

- Why is it that you are sometimes “off” or wrong about what you see or which future events come into fruition?

- Can our mind or spirit resist the spiritual changes that you make and if so, does this make the process more difficult?

- Are you able to sense when we pull someone into a healing who is not physically participating? How are you able to differentiate between the two?  Is everyone we think of during a medihealing pulled in?

- During a 21 day program, do we have to pull someone in for each of the daily sessions or are they automatically incorporated in the group after a few days?

- How important is participating in the imagination exercises, such as when you ask us to imagine building a house or walking down a path?  What is happening at a spiritual level when we do this? How does it help to transform us?

- You often say that falling asleep helps to reset us…how?

- If we have to leave a medihealing early, do we still get the benefits of the full session?

- Mas often talks about 'contracts' and cautions about signing them. How do we actually 'sign' a contract? Is it at the physical level, spirit level, in a dream? Does one have a conversation with the dark side? If I'm having a bad day and say "I would do anything for such and such" and then change my mind, has the contract already been signed with someone or something?

- How did you sign your contract for healing? Was it spiritually presented to you, did you type it up and sign, how did you do the blood signing? Why was a contract required? Whose idea was it?

- You urge us to ask of others, “Are you from Pure Source”? Can you better describe what it is we are asking?  Isn’t everything from Pure Source – both darkness and lightness?

Part 3: Summary

- What role does your “humanness” play during IGHs or personal sessions? Do you make judgement calls as to what is best for someone to hear or what is best to work on?

- How do you know that what you are doing is the best action for us and what ensures that it is for our benefit?

- Are you doing what our spirit is asking or is it coming from a higher guidance?

- When you pull out all distortions and bring a spirit to its purest form/state, what does it look like?

- Without distortions, does each spirit have unique personality traits or characteristics (for example, witty, intelligent, quirky, kind)?  Do pure spirits have genetic dispositions?

- Is the spirit’s objective to no longer be run by programs or to be run by programs that are not distorted? Can we exist in human space without programs?

- How can we discern when our frequencies and spirits are in alignment with Pure Source?

- What distortion do you have, Mas?

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Anti-Goal Setting - PART 1

A new year awaits us; many individuals will energetically approach their computers or notebooks with the intention to set their short and long-term goals.  They will point their spiritual, physical and career-driven compasses in the proper direction and systematically determine how it is they will achieve their objectives. Yet, Mas emphatically professes that setting goals is futile.  

Join Mas in this eye-opening EIM lecture where he will help reveal why anti-goal setting is the most effective way to achieve abundance.  Be prepared to deconstruct paradigms of the past and welcome in a new perspective on how you can have the life you set out to achieve.


Part 1 – Big Picture

Please describe the traditional goal-setting that doesn't work.  

Please explain what is wrong with traditional goal setting.

What is the EI way of the goal-setting? 

What is the fundamental difference between traditional and EI goal setting? 

Do spirits set goals to achieve certain things in each life time? If so, how do they set goals? 

Outside of the goal for Pure Source connection, is everything else, like being a better person/parent/spouse with health and wealth, just a natural bi-product?

Why do we need goals at all...is your teaching that we should 'Just Be'?

How do we set the goal to 'just be'? 

If we want something badly, does it mean that it's ours already and that with the right goal setting we can have it for sure? 

Does 'Purity' play a part in reaching goals with the EI method? What about an 'evil' person who is very good at the EI goal-setting...would it work for them too? 

Mas Sajady is not a doctor and makes no medical claims. By registering for this product you agree to our disclaimer. View Full Medical Disclaimer

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Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application  & Part 3: Summary will be offered in Anti-Goal Setting PART 2

Mas Mechanics - PART 1

What is it that Mas sees when he taps into us? Why does he see one thing at one time, then something completely different the next?  What is happening when he snaps, moves his fingers or breathes out sharply?  How do Mas’s abilities work?!

Are you riddled with curiosity about Mas’s transformational process? Are you fascinated by this mysterious and amazing gift? Now is your chance to find out everything you’ve wanted to know.  Listen in as Mas answers our questions about his process of tapping into individual spirits, Pure Source, and bringing in limitless possibilities to us all. This is a very special EI Mastery on Mas Mechanics when the gifted man himself will decode his operations.


Part 1: The Big Picture

As your abilities came to you, how did you learn to operate in this “spiritual code/programming?” Did you know instantly or were you taught/guided?

What do frequencies look like when you see them?  Do they have color, different texture?
How does Pure Source communicate with you? How do you receive your information? Do you hear a voice speak to you or do you receive information instantly?

Can you explain how you’re able to work remotely? What allows you to be able to see and work with people’s spirits beyond the physical realm?

When describing your work, you have mentioned: generating and bathing us in frequencies, removing distorted frequencies, polishing frequencies that are already within us. Can you clarify your method and what it is that you are doing?

What specifically do you do when you edit someone's past? When you delete events?

When you tap into someone, how can you take in information of many lifetimes so quickly? What level of detail are you able to see? Describe what/how you see someone’s timeline.

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

You often snap, breathe out, and move your hands when you work.  Are you physically manipulating frequencies with your hands? Does each movement represent a specific healing tactic? Are these motions necessary?

Can you walk us through the exchange of information you see when you tap into someone? What determines what pops up first?

Do you see the same basic information for each person or do you request specific info that you would like to see?
Does the order of what we ask in an individual session matter or is the most pressing issue addressed no matter what? How are issues prioritized?

How do the questions we ask affect what you see?

How do you determine where to drill down in more detail? Are you guided?

How come some of us don't "feel" Mas working on us? We hear people talk about floating sensations, body warmth, electric shock sensations, etc., so what does it say about those of us who don’t feel the changes like that, even if we've been working with Mas for a long time?

Please explain what happens when you duplicate yourself?  How did you discover you could duplicate your spirit? You say we can ask your duplicate questions.  Why do some of us not necessarily receive an answer?

Why in one healing session are you unable to see certain frequencies or spiritual conditions but in a later session you pick up on them?  Are we shifting or are we shedding layers that reveal more detail to you?

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Power, Politics and Pure Source

Throughout existence, power and ego have been the culprit of some of the most extreme human behaviors. Modern day politics have been complicated by individual egos.  So what is true power?  Is it inherently good or bad? Can power and Pure Source be aligned?  Join Mas as we investigate frequencies of leaders and followers and explore the spiritual role power and politics have played throughout cultures, countries and time. 


Part 1 – Big Picture

What is power…is it a distortion? Is there a difference between physical power and true spiritual power? Can power be beneficial and positive?

Why do some people hunger for power so desperately? Why do humans seem to need leaders and people to look up to?

When we first came into existence, were power, politics and pure source more balanced and in line? Did politics exist from the very beginning?

Why do humans seem to need leaders and people to look up to? What is the role of control in power…did the desire to control merge with power and politics and distort them? How did physical power become so concentrated and abused? 

Are politics necessary and can they operate correctly without abuse of power?

Has our forgetting our true spiritual power and ability to create led to our adoration of people in power? If we truly understood our own spirit’s power, would our perspective and understanding of power, politics and leadership shift?

Does it deplete or distort us to look towards others for leadership? What is transfer of power on a spiritual level when we look to others for leadership.

What does the spiritual blueprint of a true leader look like?

Part 2 - Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

So in this uncertain political time how do we progress on our path? How do we continue to asend, experiencing 360 degrees of abundance, and not become distracted, by those political challenges described, that may affect our lives in profound ways, financial, etc.? Does this strange political time have anything to do with the many positive waves of spiritual energy you've talked about that will raise the consciousness of the world? Is the darkness coming out on a world stage to be purged, allowing for higher world consciousness? Will you please talk about that?

It seems politicians have been influenced by connections to other than pure source. Will we ever see politicians who are connected to pure source and lead from that place.? Does power always corrupt?

What is the true purpose of politics? It seems to be everywhere. Has humanity ever reached the true purpose of politics? If not, when did it go wrong, and why?

What can we do on an individual level, in order to work more constructively if we are working with leaders that are power hungry and play politics? i.e. Managing Directors, Chairman of Board etc...although their egos get in the way, they are very fragile...i.e. not open to any feedback...

What is true power, what does that look like in everyday life at each level of society? What do we need to have as individuals and as a collective to have leaders who have the right mindset for true EI power?

It is easy enough to point the finger at the candidate or leader that doesn't appeal to us, but what does true leadership look like from EI point of view and understanding? Also, what should we be looking for in our leaders and potential leaders? What 'key components' would be good for us, at a lower level of awakening, to be aware of, identify in our leaders and potential leaders, that will lead the whole into EI levels of power and influence and collective advancement? How can we look beyond our limited and usually distorted level of awareness to understand more deeply what is unfolding in our governments?

In our modern political framework where relationships and backroom dealings are so often rewarded, is it possible for a truly well-intended political candidate to survive and thrive?

Are most current political and global leaders controlled by dark entities or under contracts?

What are the predominant frequencies of current leaders? What are the frequencies of true, inspiring, all-empowering leaders?

Why do men seem to be in roles of power more often than women? Do men abuse power more often than women?

How can leaders convince a large amount of people to execute a plan of horrific atrocities towards other humans on a mass scale? Are we so unawakened and unaware that our present moment vulnerabilities can lead to such horrific acts as the Holocaust, the Killing Fields in Cambodia, and other acts of genocide?

Do some victims of power abuse (terrorism, sex trade, etc.) intentionally sign up for the experience at spirit level to help awakening?

What can we do so that we are not taken prey by seemingly benign power – such as the Catholic Church?

Early politics were heavily tied to religious organizations. Why did the misrepresentation of God and Pure Source’s power become so easily manipulated?  Why was this so readily accepted?

So many atrocious things have been done in the name of God. Were they acting on their true beliefs or using the name of God for power and control? When will we awaken to this (and why haven’t we, yet?) to see what’s really happening?

Was there ever a religion grounded in pure source? Or by nature of it being an organization is it lost?

Part 3 - Summary

Will the global governmental structure be exposed in our lifetime and if so, how?

What would a society with Pure Source connected power and politics look like? Does one exist today? Are we headed that way now?

Does Pure Source care about the extreme imbalance of power and the awakening of the human population to recalibrate to some more neutral existence?

What can we do… how can we play our part in setting the balance of power right?

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Rule Sets

Mas references rule sets often.  They seem to dictate so much of what we do, who we become, and how we reincarnate. Even the rate at which we detox on our spiritual journey is delineated by our rule sets.  So what are these so-called spiritual rule sets?  How are they created? What do they look-like in our spiritual make-up and do we have the ability to edit them?  

Join Mas in this Exponetial Intelligence MAStery lecture to learn about rule sets and the role they play in our lives.


Part 1: The Big Picture

What are rule sets?

You coined the term 'Rule Sets'...It must be something you downloaded after your 2nd NDE...Now to help us gain clarity...what's the closest thing to Rule Sets – Subconscious program? Blueprint? Frequency? Source Code?     

Who creates our rule sets -  
1) Are rule sets encoded in our spiritual DNA and passed down through family lineage (but who wrote the very first rule sets)?
2) Are rule sets created by our conscious minds as a result of experiences/circumstances in our lives?

What exactly are the items in our Rule Sets and what do they govern?  
1) Who we are? such as our physical appearances, our gifts and talents, our IQ, etc.
2) How we think? such as judgment, values, belief systems, religion, ethics and morals, etc.
2) What we experience? such as health and finances, life choices and circumstances, etc.

Change your frequency, change your life – So does it mean the frequency change alter our rule sets automatically?

Can we change our rule sets with our conscious determination?

Are rule sets required for spirits to have a physical experience?  

Are there rule sets in the spirit realm?  

Does Pure Source have rule sets?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application  

How do we know what our rule sets are?

It is obvious that everyone wants to live a happy life....But why it seems that most people have rule sets that create way more pain and sufferings in their lives than joy and happiness?  

(Buddha) The Prince Siddhartha chose to leave behind a life in luxury, instead he experienced life's pain and suffering to the fullest extent...through which he reached enlightenment and became the Buddha....So does it mean we must have painful rule sets to attain spiritual ascension?

What are common rule sets of spiritually unevolved people...and how do their life look like?

What are common rule sets of spiritually advanced people...and how do their life look like?

Mas, what were your rule sets before and after your NDE?

Is there a limit how much we can change our rule sets on our own? Do we need help from someone like you (Mas) to go further? 

It's not uncommon that after working with you, many experience immediate and significant shifts in their lives...obviously their elevated frequencies changed their rule sets...In these cases, can one sustain the change in rule sets if they didn't know what's been changed (as you are often quiet during a session)? How can they sustain the change then?

A small percentage of people would slip back to where they were even after experiencing positive results from the session...does it mean that although you changed their frequency, their rule sets were too deep to be overwritten by the new frequency? What should they do then?

Now that we learned about rule sets and would like to make a conscious effort to improve them, what are the steps to ensure achieving real and permanent results?   

Part 3: Summary

You often say that in the end there's only One Truth. So that means there's only one true rule sets?  

If so, What are these?

What are your rule sets, Mas? Since you're closer to Truth/Pure Source, can we just copy yours?

What are some clear indications that we have 'good' rule sets (calmer? happier? Attract less drama? Wealthier? 360 degrees of Abundance?)

What is one thing that we can do right now to have 'better' rule sets?

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Understanding the Pain Body  

Eckhart Tolle: An accumulated body of pain, it is a negative energy field that occupies your body and mind. It is a separate invisible entity in its own right.   

The pain body wants to survive, and it can only survive if it gets you to unconsciously identify with it.  It can then "become you" and live through you, and get its "food" through you.   

So the pain body, when it has taken you over, will creating a situation in your life that reflects back its own energy frequency for it to feed on: anger, destructiveness, hatred, grief, emotional drama, violence, and even illness.  

Pain can only feed on pain. Pain cannot feed on joy.   


Part 1: The Big Picture  

Is the pain body a mental construct (created by our brains) or a spiritual one?  

Are we born with a pain body? Is it in our physical or spiritual DNA?  

Does it have an intelligence of its own?  

Are pain bodies a fractal of Pure Source? Does Pure Source have a pain body?  

How did the pain body originally begin? Was it part of the original ‘plan’?   

Did the pain body ever have a beneficial role? If so what was it and at what point did it diverge?  

What is a pain body’s ultimate goal?  

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application  

True or False: The less Pain Body we have, the more enlightened and closer to Pure Source we are.  

Mas, what is your Pain Body like before your DNE, and what it is like after?  

When you tap into our spiritual blueprint, what does the frequency of the pain body look like and where does it reside?   

What are some of the typical pain body manifestations in our physical/emotional form?  

How are our physical manifestations of the Pain Body affect our spirits?  

What is an opposite force to the pain body?   

Is the pain body different from a controlling dark entity?    

When we detox, is it the Pain Body we're getting rid of? Is the strength of the pain body directly related to the intensity of the detox?   

What is the role of our rule sets in relation to the pain body? Do they affect how quickly we release its control?   

Do collective pain bodies exist and if so, how do they integrate with our personal pain bodies? Do we collect various cultural pain bodies from multiple lifetimes? For example, if we were Chinese in one lifetime and Jewish in another – would we aggregate pain body characteristics from both of these cultures?   

Do men and women’s pain bodies differ? Eckhart Tolle mentions that the female collective pain body is activated just before menstruation.  Why does this happen and why would the pain body coordinate with hormones? What can women do to deactivate the female pain body and tap more into the power of the collective feminine?   

How does the Pain Body fight back when we try to eliminate it? What should we watch out for?  

Part 3: Summary  

What is the outcome of overcoming it? Is our goal to get rid of it or be in control of it? Can they ever go away completely?    

What can we do to instantly diminish its power and control over us?  

What would the world look like if there were no pain bodies?    

Is there a way we can leverage the power of a pain body to work in our favor?

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Go Deeper:  Please enjoy Mas' Frequency Spa Healing on the Pain Body.



Reincarnation, the concept of many lives and many physical forms, has been around for thousands of years and was widely accepted among a multitude of cultures. Today reincarnation remains a critical part of many major religions and is claimed to have once been integrated in Christian and Abrahamic faiths. While rarely recognized in most western cultures, Mas refers to our past lives freely and often. 

Join us in this EIMAStery lecture as we explore the rich and deep topic of reincarnation and the many questions it poses:

What is the true definition of reincarnation and how does it work with our spirits? Do we choose when and where we reincarnate? To what extent do our past lives affect our current lives?  

Join Mas as he explores reincarnation and its impact on our current existence. 


Part I:  The Big Picture

When we created this experience on Earth, was it always planned that we would reincarnate? Do all living beings reincarnate or only humans? 

Is there a finite number of spirits? Are there currently spirits here on Earth for the first time? 

What is the process of reincarnation? What happens to us from the time we die until we take on another life?  

Do we reincarnate immediately or is there time between lifetimes?  

Are lives experienced in a chronological fashion?  

What role do genetics play in reincarnation? 

Is it our decision to reincarnate or is it decided for us?  

How do previous lifetimes influence our present lifetime?  

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

To what extent do we reincarnate with the same spirits, family groups, etc. Are the people closest to us in our current life spirits we have known in previous lifetimes? 

Do races, cultures and ancestry groups hold on to collective past life memories?  

How involved are we in choosing the relationships and circumstances that we encounter in the next lifetime?   

Is there a purpose to us forgetting our previous lifetimes? At what point do we forget and what is happening when people remember them?  

Can we discover details of our past lives and does it serve us to do so?  

How does development of the spirit work over multiple reincarnations? Does the spiritual progression of one lifetime carry over into the next?  

Do we ever intentionally choose difficult lifetimes or are these usually experienced as a result of our distortions? Do our distortions typically intensify or diminish over lifetimes? 

Why, despite being created at the same time, are spirits at different stages of development & awakening?  

How do we access the wisdom, talents, and abilities accumulated form our reincarnations? 

Is it possible to incarnate in another realm other than earth? Would this help to further our awakening?  

Part III: Summary

What can we do in this lifetime to help setup an optimal experience for our next lifetime? 

At one point does the process of reincarnation end and how will it end? 


Mas Sajady is not a doctor and makes no medical claims. By registering for this product you agree to our disclaimer. View Full Medical Disclaimer

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What exactly is time?  When did it begin?  Is it the root of all of our distortions? 

Time is a fascinating and complex component in human life. On a physical level, it governs our daily and moment-to-moment actions. On a spiritual level, it is the substance through which we collect memories and life experiences that alter our frequencies. Listen in, as Mas answers our questions to reveal the truths about time and how our spirits have come to navigate the intricacies of this earthly element.


Part 1: The Big Picture

You often mention SpaceTime, what is it?

Who created time? And for what function or purpose?

What is the measuring unit of the vast universe outside of our time-defined physical reality?

It has been said that all of time is happening at once…is this true?

Can time itself actually change or be manipulated or is it our perception of it that is altered?

How is spirit space separate from the time variable in the physical realm? (How is there no time in spirit space?)

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

You have said all distortions are a result of time…how so?

You often say that 'instant healing' is absolutely possible or it's actually THE WAY to heal...Please speak more to it...How does it work, why is it possible, do you have the ability to materialize instant healing for the masses now, if not now why and when...?  

Does 'Instant Healing' apply to the healing of the heart also – deep emotional wounds?

What is a time loop? Do we create them with our minds in the physical realm?

What does it mean to be a master of time and have it work for you (you control it vs. it controls you)?

Do your abilities work outside of the construct of time?

In regards to the recorded medi-healings, how can you work on us from a different point in time through a recording?

How do you go back to different times in our life to edit events that have already taken place? Can we do this on our own?

Many people observed the obvious time-defying effects of your physical conditions over the past five years, please speak to how you slowed down or reversed the aging process...

How can we manipulate time to slow down or reverse the aging process? 

Part 3: Summary

What can we do each day to harness the power of time without collecting new distortions


Mas Sajady is not a doctor and makes no medical claims. By registering for this product you agree to our disclaimer. View Full Medical Disclaimer

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Throughout many lifetimes, our spirit has cleverly altered its existence to protect us from harmful situations and tragedies, or to adhere to a family contract. These alterations became layers of distorted frequencies that one by one covered our true, clear spirit and led us to the unawakened state of existence we experience today.

As we start to connect more strongly with Pure Source through our work with Mas or other enlightening events, we begin to remove frequencies that no longer serve us. For many, this results in a physical state of spiritual detox where we feel irritable, isolated, sick, confused, or in a state of complete and utter loss of everything we've ever owned or believed. Welcome to detox.

Whether you are new or a loyal client, please join Mas as he answers our in-depth questions about detox. Listen as Mas discusses the ins and outs of detox: what it is and what it is not; why it looks so different among individuals; what you can do as you experience detox; and if and how you can circumvent it in the future.


Part 1: The Big Picture

Why do we detox and how does it help our spiritual progress?

Why do some people detox and others don’t?

Does the detox process have a beginning and an end; is it happening consistently, or does it unfold in segments? Can detox last over several lifetimes?
When we are entrenched in the throes of detox, how can we decipher that the discomfort that we’re experiencing is detox rather than existing distortions?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

Please share your detox experience, Mas.

What is happening at a spirit level as it impacts us on different levels (physical, financial, emotional, etc..)?

You have said that our rule sets largely determine how we experience detox. So, how can we change our rule set mid-way to make the experience less difficult or no longer require detox to transform?

Does the need for control have an effect on the detox process? How can we more easily relinquish this control?

Do the frequencies that we’re clearing determine what we feel during detox?

Why do some people get physically ill? Is it a way of getting our minds/bodies out of the way?
Are we always protected no matter how hard we detox? Can detox be life threatening?
How do we know what we experience is a real detox...but not distortions caused by having a session with healers of impure sources?

What we can do to alleviate the discomfort we feel through detox? Do nutrition and sleep affect the process and if so how?  (If you are experiencing detox symptoms, you may benefit from Mas' Group Healing on Detox Relief. More Details on Detox Relief | Click for Replay)

Part 3: Summary

Would heavy detox limit the amount of change and transformation that we are able to experience in this lifetime?

Is there a way to step out of detox and enjoy the new level at which we’ve arrived before we begin our ascent and potentially more detox?
How can we stay strong in our path during the uncertain and confusing times of detox?


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The Ecstasy & Agony of Love - Part II

Please join us as Mas continues the discussion of the The Agony & Ecstasy in Part II of this EI Mastery, addressing the unanswered questions from Part I. You can listen to Part I by clicking here.


The tantalizing, delicious feeling of love can be euphoric and heavenly. Conversely, love’s pain can feel like the depths of hell.

Love has so many faces.   At love’s first dawning, you feel like you are floating through life, bright and alive and nothing could ever go wrong. But with time this feeling may dissolve and you can feel alone and isolated, with your heart aching. Is it merely the lifecycle of relationships that dictate these feelings of ecstasy and agony? 

When that feeling of love fades is it a reflection of a spiritual disconnection and must it fade at all?

Join Mas as he tackles the conversation of love from an unusual angle.  In this EI-MAStery lecture, learn about the ebbs and flow of love and lust. Discover how you can keep your long term relationship juicy or attract a new spiritually rich and sensuous romance.   Hear how sex is one of the most spiritual experiences available to us and find out how we can enhance our sexual and emotional relationships at any age and any point in a partnership.  

Listen to learn if you can break free from the volatility of love’s cycles and open yourself up to an unwavering spiritual love. 

Mas Sajady is not a doctor and makes no medical claims. By registering for this product you agree to our disclaimer. View Full Medical Disclaimer

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Having Faith in Your Spirit's Path

Have you ever wondered why your life has taken the turns it has? Why certain opportunities seem to come to you at the right time? Or perhaps you wonder why life has been so hard?  Why have our spirits chosen some of the mistakes and hardships we’ve encountered in this lifetime or past ones? 

So many of us question why. Is it all really in the name of spiritual growth?  

So in this EI-MAStery lecture, let’s ask Mas the questions on our mind:  Does our spirit really have a plan for us? Does everything that we go through serve a purpose that brings us to a more-awakened version of ourselves? Should we trust that it’s all for the best? 

Please see below for a list of selected questions submitted by our audience. Mas addressed most of them and went even deeper to answer the real questions between the lines. 


Part 1: The Big Picture   

  • What does it mean by 'Having Faith in Spirit's Path'?

  • What is a spiritual path and what is its purpose?

  • Who designs our spiritual path?

  • What is our un-distorted spirit’s ultimate goal? Does each person/spirit have the same goal? Does the goal change from lifetime to lifetime?

  • How do I know I'm on the right path?

  • Does our spirit’s path evolve with our every decision or is it predetermined?

  • Is everything that comes into our lives is there for our spiritual growth and enlightenment?

  • Does Pure Source provide guidance to spirits in an active way?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

  • When we are lost, confused and lacking understanding of our life’s direction, what would our Spirits want to tell us?

  • How do we know when the pain that we experience is part of our spiritual unfolding vs when it is caused by distortion?

  • From where does our spirit get it’s knowledge and how does it know what is best for us?

  • How do we recognize if we are guided by our emotions (which Mas says not to follow) or if we are guided by spirit?

  • Help us understand the difference between surrendering to the path before us vs. having active discipline in our life.

  • How can we more easily surrender to our spirit’s will?

Part 3: Summary

  • Mas leaves the audience with keys points of the lecture.

Mas Sajady is not a doctor and makes no medical claims. By registering for this product you agree to our disclaimer. View Full Medical Disclaimer

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