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Abuse can come in many forms, all of which debilitate our spirit, severely limiting our ability to live and flourish in our unadulterated state of effortless abundance. Those who have been exposed are more likely to be abused later in life or become abusers, even to themselves, perpetuating the unwanted cycle. In this powerful EIM, Mas will delve into the frequencies behind the cycles of abuse and the spiritual aspects that he sees in both the perpetrator and those who have suffered. Learn how to finally eradicate patterns of abuse from your life, renew inner strength and worth, and ignite the full knowing of your true grace and beauty to fully embrace life’s splendor.


Part 1: The Big Picture

- What is an Exponentially Intelligent take on Abuse? 

- What is the evil/root-frequency that generated abuse (fear, greet, power, etc)?

- Is there a common goal or purpose of abuse (pleasure, control, harm)? 

- Why are some spirits born into an environment of abuse and not others?

- Why do victims often become abusers?  What does the cycle of abuse look like spiritually?

- Can you help us understand from a human perspective why a person would abuse another? In particular, what crosses the abusers mind to allow them to abuse children? And children who enjoy abusing small animals?

- How does family and cultural lineage impact abuse frequencies?

- Was there something that triggered abuse or did spirits come into this realm with abusive frequencies?

- Is there an entity or dark control source that overtakes those who abuse? If so, does it transfer or take control of the victim?

- Is there another element or mastermind at play with the abuse that occurs within religious organizations or cults?

- Can you further explain why those who have been abused subconsciously seek out abusive relationships and sometimes find comfort or familiarity in being abused?

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application

- How do the effects differ across the different types of abuse such as verbal, psychological, physical and sexual?

- For those who are aware of their abuse patterns and have tried unsuccessfully to fully break them, what else can they do to stop abusing others and/or stop pulling in abuse?

- Can our distortions be strong enough to influence and change the behaviors of others? For example, can someone who doesn’t have abuser patterns become abusive towards someone who is running strong abuse me patterns?

- Is there a way to experience abuse without it being distorting?

- How can we truly heal from our deep wounds of abuse and the residual shame that seems to linger?

- Do we carry the pain of abuse from past lives? When we clear, do we feel this cumulative pain?

- How can we truly heal from our deep wounds of abuse?

Part 3: Summary

- Are there any benefits or abilities that can be gained from a past of being abused? Can abuse serve a higher purpose?

- You have said many times that successful people turn weaknesses into strengths. How can a person flip abuse and the damaging attitudes it leaves behind around to turn it into a strength and launch ourselves higher so we can be free of abuse and the residual effects?

- What is the best thing we can do to help loved ones who are being abused or have been abused in the past?

- In light of the recent New Realities talk with Alan Steinfeld, how is humanity, the human race, as well as all those in physical form, abusing itself as a collective? Can an individual free themselves, step outside of the cycle, in such a way that it starts to unravel that collective attachment of abuse?

Lecture + Medihealing | Click to Listen

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