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Group Healing | The Frequency of "Less Than" | Online

Comparing is tearing you apart... and you don't even realize it!

Are you struggling with The Frequency of "Less Than"?

  • I make less than my coworkers
  • I know less than you do
  • My children have less than my neighbors children
  • My healing gifts are less than yours
  • My spiritual progress is less than theirs

It is healthy to strive for more... to want more... to do more... to have more.  We live in an abundant world with more than enough for everyone to be abundant.  

What is so harmful about getting stuck in the "Less Than" frequency?  

When you focus on what of yours is less than others around you, your focus is on what you do not have and on not having it.  You find yourself stuck in a negative space felling well... "less than" more often than not.
There is a world of difference in seeing something you want and focusing on wanting it versus seeing something and feeling less than for not having it.  

Some may say this is a state of mind.  However, how many times have you tried to stay focused on what you want, rather than what you feel you do not have, only to find yourself again and again in the same frequency of "less than"?  It is a frequency that can be changed.  Join Mas for this needed Group Healing to change this crippling frequency.

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