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3AM Meditation | Pacific Time Edition | Online

Thur, Nov. 13, 3am PT/5am CT 

After Mas’ second near death experience, he was frequently woken up at 3AM to be guided into deep meditations.  During these meditations he was shown Spiritual Truths, downloaded knowledge of the Universe, transformed into different states and experienced the joy/pain of humanity on all imaginable levels. It was during these meditations – Mas signed with his blood – the divine contract to heal.

Unlike a ‘normal’ meditation, Mas was instructed to meditate standing up. These 3AM meditations would last for hours while it felt like only 15 minutes to him. Many dramatic life transformations took place soon after and subsequently shaped his life to the way it is today.

As his abilities have grown stronger, the frequency of being awoken at 3AM becomes less frequent. But Mas would like to revisit this magical hour and guide the rest of us into these deep states he once relished and help us connect to the Pure Source stronger with each practice.

Mas will be doing a 3AM Meditation each time he is in a different time zone.

Extra info: We have found some reference about the 3AM meditation in Eastern cultures - “In the Indian scriptures it is said the absolutely best time to meditate is between 3am and 4am. This is known as the Brahma Muhurta or hour of God. It is beneficial to be able to meditate early in the morning as the peace we feel will remain with us for the rest of the day…Also, at this early hour of the day…the world is still…all the thoughts and impressions and feelings are not transmitting from everyone’s conscious minds yet. There is a doorway that opens during this time of the morning, between the worlds. It is very easy to remember things.  To see things and know things, to remember who you are, to see where you are and what is taking place and to know what it is you have to do…. If it is possible to meditate facing the rising sun this will also be very beneficial as we will derive energy from the sun.”

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